25 Bookish Facts About Me


I have seen this all over the BookTube world. I decided I wanted to do it to, even though I blog instead of make videos. It can still be fun.

  1. I hate when people organize their books by color. I just can’t get behind the whole rainbow bookshelves.
  2. I organize my books by author. I start at the top with my favorite authors and go from there. I have two shelves of Stephen King. They are the top shelves of two bookcases. I have three side by side. My middle bookshelf, aside from the top Stephen King shelf, is my TBR shelf. Yes, my TBR list takes up almost an entire 5 shelf bookcase.
  3. I read more at night before going to sleep. But I also read on break at work and usually about an hour before my shows come on every night.
  4. I just started re-reading books last year. Before I refused to re-read, and now I am in love with it.
  5. I’m actually a slow reader. I read about 40 pages an hour. I just have to absorb every word!
  6. My favorite genre is Urban Fantasy, though I don’t read much from that genre. I need to read more because I honestly love it. My favorite Urban Fantasy series is The Hollows by Kim Harrison. The Hollows
  7. I read more YA fantasy than anything. There is nothing wrong with a 30 year old loving YA novels!
  8. I actually own a few books that I didn’t like, just because the cover is gorgeous. (Actually, I did enjoy the first book in the Fallen series, but got bored with it after the first book.)Fallen
  9. Sometimes I sit and stare at my bookshelf. It brings me peace. 20160113_162404
  10. When I am really stressed or have had a really rough day, I always find myself at B&N.
  11. There are two used book stores that I go to. I always go in with a list of books I am looking for to complete a series or that I am just interested in. Some days, I get nothing on my list but leave with an arm full of books.
  12. I sometimes think I have a split personality and the other personality I call the Book Monster, because it demands I buy a book at least once a week or I became like an addict. I get itchy, antsy, and grumpy…for real. It’s a problem. Is there a books anonymous club somewhere? Bookaholic
  13. I own 309 physical books. I don’t want to count my e-books. I actually don’t have a lot compared to many other book nerds, but my collection is quickly growing.
  14. I listen to audio books while I drive. I prefer an audio book to the radio. If I don’t have a book to listen too, often times the radio stays off.
  15. I am notorious for reading the last page of books. Most of the time it is to see if my favorite character survives. I read the last page of New Moon (second book of the Twilight series) to see if Edward came back at the end. It made me sick when he left…
  16. I get super absorbed in books. If the main character is upset or angry, I will be upset or angry. Sometimes I will wake up thinking I am the main character…
  17. I will buy every Stephen King book. I will make it around to reading them all, but I love him and everything I have read by him so far. My favorite book by King is Desperation. I have had to buy the book three times now because I kept letting people borrow it and they never returned it. I will always support his writing, even if I have to pay 20+ dollars for each book.
  18. I read e-books faster than I read physical copies. I’m not sure why that it is!
  19. I prefer to go to a store and buy a book than order online. I just love the atmosphere of book stores.
  20. I don’t mind broken spines of books (paper back books). I feel like it tells a story about how much someone loved the book before me.
  21. I have only read the Harry Potter series once. But remember, I just started re-reading books last year. I might get around to re-reading the HP series again one day.
  22. I listen to electronic music while reading during the day. I use digitally imported and usually listen to the Ambiant channel. It helps me drown out the noise in the house and focus on the story. DIAmbiant
  23. I have read the Boxcar Children series. It was my favorite series as a kid. I really want to get them and read them again. Boxcar Children
  24. I also read the Goosebumps series and moved into R.L. Stine’s Fear Street books as I got older. I want to own all of R.L Stine’s books too…you know, to traumatize my kids with them one day. H234_SCH_GB11Haunted_0.tif
  25. I started reading Harry Potter because of the negative comments I heard. When they first became big in the US so many people were talking about how they were evil and promoted witch craft. I’m the person that will do things just to go against others…I’m glad I read them though.

Your turn! Tell me some bookish facts about you! Or if you do a post like this one, link me in the comments so I can read them. I am terribly nosy and love learning new things about people.

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