Friday Inspiration


Hello friends! Happy Friday. As I stated last week, I will only share on inspirational quote a week for now. Bare with me as I decided the best little image for the series. I’m still working on it. Any suggestions would be great. I thought I was happy with the inspiration title image until I added it and now…eh.

Moving on to this weeks quote!


Why did I pick this one? Well, here is the explanation. I read it, laughed and moved on. Then I cam back to it. It’s so true. So many of us hold on to poisonous people in our lives ¬†because for some reason we feel like we need them. We don’t even notice how toxic they are in our lives until they leave. It’s kind of like a cloud, you don’t know how bright the sun is until the cloud skitters away.

Of course, we can’t control the clouds, but we can control the people in our lives. We can get rid of the people that bring us down. The ones that constantly lie to us, ignore us, or use us in some way. We are free to pick who we want around us. We don’t have to put up with negativity coming from those around us.

I know the older I get, the more this makes sense to me. I also seem to have fewer and fewer friends the older I get. One way we can take care of ourselves is to be careful of the ones you let into your life. Believe me, some people you are just better with out.


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