Prompt Challenge 030116

Prompt Challenge

Say what?? Yep, finally got it back! I know it took me several months and I am so sorry for that! I have made a few changes. Last year I titled all of the short stories from the prompt challenge. This year I am doing that a little different. Each short story will be titled as a number. Lame, I know, but I was so tired of naming all of the short stories! The first two numbers are the month (o3 for March), the second two numbers are the story number (o1 because it’s the first story for March) and the last number is the year. Simple.

Also, last year I made a new image for every picture. I realize at this moment, I just do not have time for that. I do all my images in Photoshop and I am not great in the program, so it takes me a bit of time. Also, having to find copyright free images is a pain. So, that being said, I will have one image for the prompts each month, just the image for prompt I am using that month. This month is…(insert drumroll here.)

March Prompt

You will see this at the beginning of every short story. Easy peasy!

Now what you all have come here for. The first writing prompt of March and the first writing prompt of 2016!

5 Nerd Girl Rating


I jumped from the couch, spilling the ice cream that had melted in my bowl. The television was loud. The movie I had put on was still playing, and of course it was the part where the killer bangs on the door. I had fallen asleep watching the movie. That is how bad the movie was, it put me right to sleep. I knew it would, that is why I was watching it. I hadn’t been sleeping well because of crazy dreams where I died. I huffed as I looked down at the sugary mess soaking into my carpet.

I shuffled around the cushions on the couch, trying to find the remote to turn down the movie. I don’t remember turning it up so loud. Sadie, my evil white cat looks up at me and meows. She is sitting right on top of the remote. She paws the remote, turning up the volume more.

“Pesky little demon.” I say, swiping the remote from her satan claws and turning off the T.V. My heart was still racing, but I was tired and I needed to go to bed. I grabbed some paper towels from the kitchen and cleaned up the spilled ice cream and padded into the bedroom. Sadie was already in the bed, cleaning her paws, waiting to get under the covers. Just as I lay down and turned the lights off I heard the pounding again.


I grabbed my phone and ran to the front door. It wasn’t the TV this time, someone was banging on my front door. I peeked through the peep hole, unable to see anything. I have seen plenty of horror movies, I wasn’t going to open the door. I clicked the button on my phone and entered my passcode.


It was right in my face. The banging was coming from the other side of the door. I quickly looked again, still nothing on my porch. I was afraid to turn on any lights, afraid to let them see I was moving around. I dialed the number to the police and was put on hold. Go figure.


I had had enough. I sat the phone down on the table by the door and grabbed the bat I kept leaning in the corner. I remind you, I have seen all the horror movies. Yes, I keep a bat by the door. I also know that it was stupid to open the door, but I did it anyways. I screamed when a girl fell into the door way. She grunted when she hit the floor. I stepped away, not sure if I should hit her with the bat or pull her in. She was wet and I could see what looked like blood.

“Help me.” I heard her ask. It was the voice of a child. She couldn’t be any older than 14. I pulled her in by one arm and slammed the door shut, locking it again. I picked up the phone again, the hold music still playing. I turned on the hallway light and almost screamed again when I saw the blood on the girls face. “I accidently sliced open my hand.” She said, holding out her hand. I put the phone on speaker and put it in my pocket. I helped the girl to her feet and we stumbled into the kitchen.

I switched on the kitchen light and sat the girl in a chair at the kitchen table. “What’s your name?” I asked her as I sorted through the drawers in my kitchen, looking for the first aid kit. I am a little accident prone, so I keep first aid stuff all over the house.

“Anna.” The girl said. I return to her with a wet towel and the first aid.

“What happened to you?”

“I was trying to learn to drive. No one would teach me so I thought I would learn while no one was on the road. I got a flat tire and tried to change it. The bolts on the tire were too strong and the tire iron sliced through my hand.” I grabbed her hand and started wiping away the blood.

“Anna…” I look at her face. Her hand is smooth, not a cut in sight. “I thought you said you accidently sliced open your hand.”

“I did.”

“Then why aren’t you bleeding at all?” I asked, confused. She looked down at her hand and huffed. She rolled her eyes and met my gaze, smiling.

“You shouldn’t let strangers in your house.” She said. Her smile grew wider. “Especially, when that stranger is a hungry vampire.” She lunged at me, knocking me to the floor. I felt her sharp fangs ding into my neck. The joke is on her though, I wanted this. All my life I had hoped and prayed for a vampire to knock on my door. I was ready for it.

Plus Mustache

Please be gentle with your thoughts. I am a little rusty in my work. It may take me a few stories to make it all look good again. But please share your thoughts! And for all you writers out there, try the challenge with me!



11 thoughts on “Prompt Challenge 030116

    • Heather M. says:

      No they don’t. For each week in a month I write a completely different short story for the same prompt. It’s to work my imagination, push the limits of what I think I can and can’t do story wise. It challenges you to see something other than your first reaction to a writing prompt.

        • Heather M. says:

          I did it for about 8 and a half months last year. I fell off because of NanoWriMo and just picked it back up this month. I have a jar of writing prompts that I pick from each month so I can’t play favorites with the prompts. And most of the prompts I find on Pinterest.

        • Heather M. says:

          You will have to forgive me, I am on my phone and unable to check out your blog at the moment, but if you are a writer as well I strongly encourage the challenge. I feel like it has helped me become a stronger writer. Feel free to use the same prompt I use each month. I want to make a trend among the writing community. Lol

            • Heather M. says:

              I write a lot of fantasy. I’m currently reworking a novel I wrote several years ago. It’s a vampire YA fanatasy. But I have several unfinished novels. Some actually inspired by the writing prompts. But I work a full time job, so I sadly don’t get to work on my projects as much as I’d like to.

  1. emmaperez1961 says:

    Well, I have to say. You did get my attention. I too, wanted to know why she wasn’t bleeding. After supposedly she had cut her hand. Good one. Can’t wait to read more!

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