February Wrap Up/Book Haul

Monthly Wrap up and Haul Image

Hello friends! We are taking a break from the inspiration Friday, I am rethinking the whole thing anyways. I think I am giving too many quotes at one time. In other words, I’m running out of quotes…

So today I am going to do a February wrap up and book haul. February was a good month for me. I am so happy I was able to read so much. I actually read 9 books! Actually, it was more like 7 because two out of the 9 are books I started in December and didn’t finish until February. But still, 7 books started and finished in one month is a good thing! My goal is just 4 books a month, so getting to 7 books is seriously amazing to me. I even am somehow 3 books ahead of my 50 books challenge for this year.

What books did I read this month?

Books Read

These are the 3 physical books that I read. Red Queen was a re-read and I still love it!

Armada by Ernest Cline: 5/5 Stars
You’re Never Weird on the Internet (almost) by Felicia Day: 5/5 Stars
Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard: 5/5 Stars

The Rule of Thoughts by James Dashner: 4/5 Stars
Beautiful by Sarah Dawson Powell: 5/5 Stars
Monsterland by Michael Phillip Cash: 4/5 Stars
Risuko by David Kudler: 4/5 Stars
Cupcakes, Trinkets, and other Deadly Magic by Meghan Ciana Doidge: 5/5 Stars

Now, I say these are the e-books, but The Rule of Minds was the audio book that I listened to. I just didn’t want to do a separate thing for it, so here it is.

My favorite book from this month would probably be Cupcakes, Trinkets, and other Deadly Magic. I just really liked it, even if most of the reviews for it were bad. I haven’t been reading too many supernatural books lately and I was just excited to have vampires and werewolves in one book again. Yes, while the world has moved on from vampires, I still love them!

Let’s move on to my book haul. I’m going to sum it up for you in one lovely picture.

Book Haul

A little bit about these books.

Finders Keepers by Stephen King is the sequel to Mr. Mercedes. I haven’t read it yet, but…if you know me, you know how big of a Stephen King fan I am and I have to have them all. I got this book at Target when I was looking for another book. They didn’t have it and I needed a new book. I was feeling the itch of the book monster.

Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard is the sequel to Red Queen. I am currently reading this one. I have been looking forward to it for a year now. Yay for finally having it!

Curio by Evangeline Denmark. I got this one at B&N while looking for the same book I was looking for when I bought Finders Keepers. I had heard about this book through a YouTuber who was reading it for a book club. It sounded interesting. I used to collect porcelain dolls and this book has something to do with dolls.

Firstlife by Gena Showalter. This is the book I have been looking forward to. This is also the reason for buying Finders Keepers and Curio. It came out on a Tuesday, I went to Target the day it came out to get it and Target didn’t have it! I went to B&N the next day and found it. I am a little upset with B&N for this book though. Every copy they had was damaged in someway. But I bought it because I love Gena Showalter and I have been so excited for this book.

Raging Sea by Michael Buckle. This is a sequel to Undertow. I have Undertow and haven’t read it yet. I didn’t even know there was a second book in the series. I actually recognized the art style of the cover before I recognized anything else. That is why authors should fight to keep their book covers in a series looking the same.

Liesl & Po by Lauren Oliver. Okay, I found this at Dollar Tree. Yes…Dollar Tree. It’s where I work and I will not hide the fact that I will open every box of books as soon as they come in and dig through them. I found this book because the cover was so cute. I just had to have it. Then I read the blurb and I honestly can not wait to read this. And the best part about it is I only paid a buck for it!

Stars Above by Marissa Meyer. I wasn’t going to get this. It is a book of short stories. I was going to wait until later to get it and then someone said something about the last short story being about a wedding. I don’t know who is getting married, but since I loved all the couples of the Lunar Chronicles I had to find out. And I am not the kind of person that just stands in a book store and reads a short story. I feel like that is cheating and stealing.

Cruel Crown by Victoria Aveyard. This is another collection of short stories. I wasn’t going to buy this either. But…it was only 8 dollars and I got it the same day I got Stars Above. So sue me.

Changes by Jim Butcher. This is the 12th book in the Dresden files. I have been reading this series since 2014. I have been slow going at it, but I just finished the 11th book in February so I thought it was time to start the next one. I actually love the series.

There. I read 9 books and bought 9 books. My TBR list hasn’t changed. Ugh, I have a problem. Maybe I should put myself on a buying ban. Nope…not going to do it. Books are about the only thing I waste my money on at the moment and it’s not really a waste. I will just have to stop buying so many.

If I keep reading this many books a month I will have to start posting more book reviews each week. I have a few book reviews waiting to be posted. Most of the books I read I will share a book review.

March TBR

Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard

Firstlife by Gena Showalter

6th Horseman by Anderson Atlas (SURPRISE! Author of the month!)

Changes by Jim Butcher

Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King

Rook by Sharon Cameron

Cogling by Jordan Elizabeth

Amaranthine by Lanie Jacobs

We will see how that goes…King and Butcher have word heavy books, so it could be impossible to read all these books this month. But I have faith in myself. I better get to reading.

How was your February? Did you read a lot? Do you have a TBR for March?



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