Movie Review: Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead



Year Released: 2014

Directors Name: Kiah Roache-Turner

Lead Actors: Jay Gallagher/Bianca Bradey/Leon Burchill/Keith Agius

Production Company: Guerilla Films

Genre: Horror/Comedy

Movie Blurb(From IMBd): Barry is a talented mechanic and family man whose life is torn apart on the eve of a zombie apocalypse. His sister, Brooke, is kidnapped by a sinister team of gas-mask wearing soldiers & experimented on by a psychotic doctor. While Brooke plans her escape Barry goes out on the road to find her & teams up with Benny, a fellow survivor – together they must arm themselves and prepare to battle their way through hordes of flesh-eating monsters in a harsh Australian bushland.

Most nights I turn on Netflix in the living room and beg my parents to watch a movie with me. I don’t mind watching movies alone, but I much prefer watching with other people. I have been passing this movie a lot lately, stopping to read the information and then moving on. I finally decided that my parents and I would finally watch this movie and I am so glad that we did!

First of all, you throw in the word Zombie and I will roll my eyes and add it to my list of movies to watch.  I love zombie movies and they seem to have gotten worse over the years. I love the cheesy, crappy, B-movie vibe to them.

Wyrmwood had a three star rating on Netflix, so it was basically a go. Anything over 2 stars we will give a go.

It actually starts out like any other zombie movie. One day everything is fine, the next day everyone is waking up to zombies digging around in their kitchen, or being a zombie themselves. It’s all serious running from zombies and watching the main character killing his family after they have turned.


One man gets his head blown off in the woods because the idiot with the gun thought it was another zombie. And the hilarity starts.

Yes, this is not just a horror movie, it’s a comedy. I don’t know if what meant to come out that way, but it did and I loved it!

The only thing that really struck me as odd was the beginning. There is a photoshoot and the model basically spazzes out and turns into a zombie. She was not bitten, she didn’t die…she just becomes a zombie. It just didn’t make much sense really. And while it bothered me at first, I realized how genius and hilarious it is that green gas seems to come from the zombies mouths. My favorite line of the movie “He is farting out of  his mouth.”

I went into this looking for a dumb zombie movie. I got my dumb zombie movie, but I enjoyed it fare more than I thought I would. It made me laugh and I like a good horror/comedy that makes me laugh.

I have read some of the reviews for this movie and there seems to be a lot of hate. Yes, it is a low budget movie and the acting isn’t so great, but it was a very entertaining movie and I would watch it again in the future.

This movie has its ups and downs and in the end I give it a 7 out of 10. It’s funny and different and I love all the Australian accents.


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