Book Review: Beautiful

Beautiful By Sarah Powell


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Author: Sarah Dawson Powell

Release Date: December 2, 2015

Series: The Fragile Line

Genre: Fiction

Pages: 290

Publisher: Self-Published

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First Line: Why am I like this? What did I do to deserve this?

Blurb from Goodreads: Love, complicated by the darkness of addiction, can be a tricky thing. Things that seem right end up being wrong, and the wrong things seem so right. Some day’s life is perfect; other days are worse than your worst nightmare. Everything is your fault. The heartbreaks, the failures, the betrayals. No one understands. No one has the right answers. There’s a downside for every upside. And no matter what, someone will be hurt, just never more than the addict herself.
Follow Sadie Montgomery through her years of addiction and broken relationships that begin before she even leaves high school in The Fragile Line series.
Beautiful, the first book in the series, takes you through Sadie’s college years when her life truly begins to spin out of control. She falls in love, battles demons in her mind, fights for her sanity, and searches for a God who seems to have disappeared from her life. Her strength is tested when she has to choose between a man from her past whose life seems to have been woven into the fabric of hers, and a man who doesn’t love her for what she once was, but for who she is now. Once she makes her choice, she has to live with it and wonder what life would have been like had she chosen the other man.



**There may be some spoilers in this. So many emotions were left when I finished this book and I just had to get them out. I tried not to let spoilers slip and I think I did pretty well, to be honest. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.**

First, let me get the unprofessional bit out of the way….


Okay, now that I have that out of my system, let’s dive into this review.

I seriously finished this book so heartbroken, frustrated, and just disgusted (in a good way I swear). I loved this book and could not put it down. I read one chapter the first night before bed. The next day I sat down and finished the entire book. With how I read in January, you can see how important this is. I didn’t finish a single book last month, then I start this one and finish in one day. It was so captivating, intriguing, and jaw dropping really.

You have three main characters that I really focused on. Sadie, Ryan, and Aaron. Sadie is an alcoholic who also dabbles in drugs. Ryan is the good boy Sadie has known all her life and loves with all her heart. Aaron is the drug dealer who gives Sadie what she wants, but has fallen in love with Sadie.

Then, Sadie drags Ryan down with her. Well, I say she dragged him down with her, but it was his own choice. She introduces him to drugs. This changes the good boy that Ryan has been all his life. He becomes violent and it ends with him destroying his life, yet blaming it on Sadie. Jerk.

Aaron is the college boy that Sadie spends all of her time with when Ryan is away. A relationship forms and once the violent Ryan shows himself, she seriously debates leaving Ryan for Aaron.

Through most of this book I was rooting for Aaron, because Ryan ends up being such a jerk. I’m sorry, but a guy hitting a girl is never okay! Aaron promises Sadie that he will never hurt her, and you just know deep in your core that you can believe him. I wanted Aaron to save Sadie from the abusive relationship she had developed with her childhood friend.

Then, here is the kicker. Sadie is an alcoholic and a drug addict at this point. Aaron may be a great guy, but he is also a drug dealer. In order for Sadie to get her life together she needs to let go of the alcohol and drugs. If she leaves Ryan and goes running to Aaron, how is she ever going to gain control of her life again.

Of course, at this point we are all thinking, “Hey, Aaron said he would do anything for her. Maybe he would stop selling drugs and make an honest man of himself, help Sadie fight her addictions, and they can live happily ever after.” UGH! I want it to happen that way so bad.

This book is one of those books that as soon as you finish it, you instantly need the next book. Even if you don’t start the next book, there is a comfort in knowing you have it and can dive back into the lives of these characters when you are ready.  I had to put the book away and start another one to calm my mind so that I could get some sleep.

I don’t usually read books like this. I’m not huge into real life situations in my reading. I read to escape, but I feel like this book is so important. It puts you in the mind set of a true addict and all the things that go through their minds. Sadie knows that she is in a dangerous relationship and that her habits are going to kill her. She knows she needs to set the bottle down and get her life straight. But knowing and doing are to totally different things and saying you are going to get clean is so much easier than doing so.

What we find in this book is that no matter what you personally think, alcoholism and addiction are a disease that warrants serious help. When everyone around you is either adding your addiction, or telling you that it’s all your choice and you just need to stop, it’s hard to get out of that life. I have never had a problem with drugs or alcohol, I have always been too afraid of the repercussions. This book put me in Sadie’s shoes and helped open my eyes to the truth behind the abuse. Maybe it’s different for every addict or alcoholic, but this has helped me understand the lies that are being told to oneself through these problems.

You learn to love Sadie, the part of her that is not an addict. You want nothing but the best for her, and you may get confused as to what is best for her, because you become her and think you know what is best. (Aaron!!) But when you put the book away and really think about it, you want to shake every character and tell them to wake up.

Dead serious, there were a few times I wanted to throw my Kindle across the room because I was so frustrated with these characters. I think I came close to breaking my poor little Kindle in half from gripping it so hard.

Please, check this book out. It is a wonderful read and also an important read.

**Check It Out!** Sunday I will post an interview with the author of this book. Stay tuned!**



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