Movie Review: The 5th Wave


My Rating:
9.5 Stars

Overall Reaction:

I loved this movie. I have read the book…a few times actually. I went into this not expecting much. I thought it would be a great movie simply because of Chloe Moretz. I love her as an actress, she never disappoints. But I didn’t expect this to really follow the book to well.

It actually followed the book close enough to keep me happy. They made Teacup way to soft for my liking. She was a tough little girl in the book. The romance between Cassie and Evan didn’t really spark until they left his farm, which in the book the romance happened while they were at his farm.  And then there is the romance between Ringer and Zombie, which is not super prominent in the book, but it was almost non existent in the movie. My mom said she could tell there was a little something there, so maybe I am just being too harsh on the movie.

The Acting:

All the actors were so amazing! Chloe Moretz did not disappoint. She gave a great performance as I expected. Zackary Arthur (Sam) was such an amazing little actor and I loved Sam even more for Zackary’s acting. He is such a talented kid and I hope we see more from him.

Now, I don’t know if it was Maika Monroe, who played Ringer, or if it was just the character all together, but honestly I could not stand Ringer. I wanted to punch her half the time. Her only saving grace was towards the end of the movie, but again, it could just be the character and have nothing to do with the acting.

And how gorgeous is Alex Roe, who played Evan Walker. I know everyone is focused on Nick Robinson, who played Ben Parish and he is an amazing actor and adorable. But Alex Roe…the eyes maybe. Or maybe I just love Evan Walker more than Ben Parish? Am I too attached to the characters of the book and ignore the greatness of the characters of the movie?

The Story line:

Aside from the book, the story line was really well done. There was really nothing that a viewer would be lost about, that someone who read the book would understand. Everything was seamless and so well written. I feel like it was never lost that these were just teenagers and young kids, being forced to fight for their lives. Maybe it was the show of hormones that helped keep things in perspective.


Please, do yourself a favor and go see this movie. It really is a fantastic movie and worth the 12 bucks to go to the theater to see it. It’s so full of emotion. There are moments where you will cry, moments where you will laugh, and moments where you will sit on the edge of your seat. Action, a little sprinkle of romance, and wonderful actors. If I wasn’t so broke, I would go see it again.


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