Why you should build a reading den, and how to do it.:

Hey everyone. I have been a little distracted lately. Actually, half the time I just find it hard to get out of bed. Not sure if I am lazy, part bear, or battling another bout of depression. I’m going with the part bear scenario. The cold weather makes me want to curl up under the covers and sleep. Or…I should make a little den like the picture, put in a little heater, and read the winter away. Oh, what a dream!

Anyways, I have not been wasting away my time. I have actually been working on a few things for this very blog. I have a schedule planned out and the blog is changing directions! I will no longer have DIY’s, fitness, or anything non-story related. I know I have tried to go this route before and I kept a few things going that I shouldn’t have. This time I mean it. Although, I would consider DIY’s if they were book related!

This will all pick back up in January. I figured the best way to go about creating something new is to wait for the beginning of the new year. So here is the schedule.

Monday- “What are you Reading?” I will keep this going because I love sharing what I am reading and I love to hear what you all are reading! It’s how I find new books!

Tuesday- “Review” This will be either a book review or a movie review.

Wednesday- “Prompt Challenge” Don’t worry, I didn’t finish out November (Thanks to NanoWriMo) and I didn’t have one for December. But starting the first of the month I will have it back again!

Thursday- “Review” This will be another book or movie review. Which ever I didn’t do on Tuesday. Each week will be one book and one movie review.

Friday- “Inspiration” I like doing the weekly inspiration thing and would love to continue this. Everyone else seems to like it as well.

Saturday- “What are you Watching?” This will be a day for me to put my thoughts down on any weekly shows I have watched that week. It will just be a little run down on my thoughts of the weeks episode and I may put a rating to each episode. Not really sure yet.

Sunday- “Monthly Things” This is the fun day that will be different each week. Well, kind of different. I have a few things that I will do once a month and you will find that post on Sunday. The things I will be doing are
– Writing Update. To keep myself focused on writing. You will be welcome to share your progress too!
-Books being released the following month. You know, so we can keep up with all the great books we must add to our TBR list!
-Favorites. This will be a list of my favorite book, movie, TV show, and short story from that month.
-Author interviews. Yes, I am bringing this back! So if you are an author reading this and want to be featured on my blog, hit me up! I have a contact page.
-Old vs. Remake. I want to do maybe every other month where I watch an old movie and compare it to the remake of that movie. If you have any favorite movies with remakes, please share them with me!
-Movie vs. Book. I am still deciding on this one really. It will basically be where I will read a book that has a movie adaptation and compare the two. I know it has been done a million times, but I kind of want to hop on the band wagon.

I will write 4 movie reviews a month:
1 Movie in theaters
1 Netfilx Movie
1 Horror Movie…because I love horror
1 Old movie that is from the 80’s or older

I will also have 4 book reviews a month
2 Will be mass market books…or books backed by publishers
1 E-book that I have recieved free or really cheap from BookBud (not sponsored I just like to help readers find affordable books to read!)
1 book from Wattpad…though this is still up for debate.

There you go! That is what you have to look forward to in the year of 2016. If things go well, I will continue on with this format. I’m hoping it will help keep me focused on my blog and I won’t be scraping for something to write all the time. Also, you will know what to expect when you come to my blog. 🙂

You have not seen the last of me this year though. I will be posting when I have the time. I will hopefully be able to share a short story with you that I have been working on. Plus a list of my favorite books I read this year. And maybe a few more, just to get the random out of my system before the new year.

I will be creating a new blog for all things fitness and cheap beauty. To keep the two worlds apart. I will share that blog with you when it’s ready.

Happy Holidays peeps! Is your blog going through some changes for 2016??

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