Happy Thanksgiving


Hey folks! I know I have skipped the past two Wednesdays with writing prompts, but I promise to address that tomorrow. For today…

Tell me what you are thankful for? What kind of traditions do you celebrate every year for thanksgiving?

I am currently at work…yay. I actually volunteered to work all day. I get to close the store at 4 and head home to the good stuff!

What I am thankful for?

– My family for always having my back no matter what. My mom and my brother are my best friends and my dad…well, he’s my daddy. Lol At times I feel like the only friends I have are the people I live with, and I know I can trust them.

-My job. It may drive me crazy at times, but I enjoy having a job and I enjoy doing my job most days.

-My Pixel Pixel. If I didn’t have her I would freeze to death at night and wake up with panic attacks. I wouldn’t have that one happy little critter that just goes crazy when I get home.

– My car! I haven’t had very many reliable vehicles in my life, but this car, I think she is here for the long haul. I should give her a name some day.

-Again my family. Just because without them I would be so alone in this world. I would be homeless too. Lol And it’s so nice to come home to a good meal on days I have to work late. I really need to do more to show how much I appreciate them.

-My health. I may not be 100 percent with ankle issues and PCOS, but I am able to get out of bed every day and do everything for myself.

-This year! I feel like I have grown so much this year. And I am grateful/thankful that I have been allowed to grow and learn.

Tell me what you are thankful for?

Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving friends.

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