Do the Nano


Hey folks! How is your Nano writing going? Well? Have you fallen behind? Not going to make it?

You know, we all get so wrapped up in the word count that sometimes we lack in quality. We also get tired and sometimes lose the joy of writing. Did you know that it’s okay to not get that 50,000 word count in a month? It’s a way to push ourselves, to help us find our creative nitch. But it’s not a mandatory goal. Don’t forget to enjoy the story you are writing!

With that being said, I hit 41,000 words last night. Which means I am right on track, but!!! Isn’t there always a but? The novel that I am rewriting is over 70,000 words. And I have added to the story, trying to add more detail and show more then tell. So while I am on track to finish 50,000 words this month, I may not be finishing this rewrite in 30 days. But I’m okay with that because through all of this I did find my passion for writing again. It has also helped calm my rage moments and I’m not as depressed.

I truly am one of those writers that doesn’t just WANT to write, I am also a writer that NEEDS to write.

Tell me, how is Nano going for you?


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