What Are You Reading?


Ugh, I leave for a week and come back to WordPress changing everything. I hate when they change stuff around, they give you just enough time to get used to everything and then BOOM! Everything changes. It’s annoying really.

Anyways, sorry for being away for a week. I needed to rethink some things. I think I am getting burnt out on blogging, or just tired of lacking direction. I had actually considered shutting this blog down and starting a new one, but I don’t want to lose what few followers I have now.

I realize that I haven’t done a “What are you reading?” post in a few weeks, but it’s because I was stuck on the same book. I took me way to long to get through it! But I have finally moved on!

Moving on to what you all came here for!

I am currently only reading one book. Shocker I know!

It’s A Mad Zombie Party by Gena Showalter


Let me tell you, this is the last book in the White Rabbit Chronicles and I am so in love with it. I have flown through every single book like it was nothing. They are just so good! It’s like the perfect balance of action, story, and romance. And we all know that romance is what really drives me to read faster. I don’t know why, I guess it’s because I lack romance in my own life. Where there is a love story, you best believe Heather will be there!

If you have not read any of the White Rabbit Cronicles by Gena Showalter, I suggest you take some time out and do it now. I love it so much!

Tell me, what are you reading?


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