Writing Prompt 9-1: All For Love

November prompt

Hello Nerds!

It is that time again. Time for a new short story. Better yet, it’s time for a whole new prompt to get us through the month of November. So…here is the prompt for this month!

November Prompt Quote

My mom drew this one from the jar this month. I’m pretty excited about it. Hopefully I can make things a little less dark. But all my short stories have been coming out super dark lately. Not sure why. This first one is a little…twisted, so maybe next week.

I hope you enjoy!

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9-1 All For Love

Justin was waiting in the hotel room. He hadn’t slept in three days, too much had happened, too many people had died. Now he was stuck hiding in a hotel room. The hotel was run down and disgusting. When he had turned on the lights of the room he saw the roaches skittering into their hiding spots and a rat was still staring at him from around the corner of the dingy bathroom. He could feel his skin crawling from the dirt and grime, but it was the only place that didn’t ask for an I.D. The cops were after him, even after he told them that someone was following him.

He swore to the cops that he wasn’t the one killing the people he loved. Someone was tracking him down, killing anyone and everyone that he cared for. Lillian was the only one left, the only one that believed him. She was on her way to the hotel now, she was brining the surveillance footage from his home, where the killings had started. His little sister, Scarlett was the first victim. Scarlett got on his nerves and they were always fussing over something, but that is what siblings do. He would never wish such a horrible fate for her, not even on their worst days.

He felt the tears sliding down his face. He couldn’t figure out who he had angered to the point of killing everyone around him. The only reason Lillian had survived so long is because no one knew they were talking. She didn’t want anyone to know about her and Justin. She said her family would be disappointed. Justin was just grateful to have her in his life, especially now.

Justin lay back on the filthy bed. The smell was awful. It smelled of urine and a metallic scent that reminded him of blood. He was too tired to care. His eyes closed and he tried not to inhale too deeply, the scent of the room was making him ill. He could feel himself drifting off into sleep. A much needed sleep.

A knock at the door jerked Justin awake and made his heart race. He jumped up from the bed, causing himself to get a little dizzy as the blood rushed from his head. He stumbled to the door and opened, not thinking to look before he opened the door. Fortunate for him, it was just Lillian.

“Justin!” Lillian gasped, hugging him tightly. He hugged her back and pulled her into the room, quickly closing the door behind them. “I am so glad you are okay.” She said, pulling away from him. “I have the tape.”

“Good, we can get to the bottom of this.” He said, taking the video and placing it into the T.V.s VCR. I sat on the bed and watched the video, Lillian stood beside me, her hand resting on my shoulder.

“I don’t think this is a good idea.” She told him. “We should just get rid of this video.”

“What are you talking about?” Justin asked. “This is the only thing that will clear my name. I didn’t kill those people. Why would I kill my sister?”

“Justin, I need you to understand that I love you.” She said. Justin stared at her. She had never told him she loved him. Of course, now was not the greatest time to discuss their feelings for one another. “Whatever happens, I will always love you.”

“Lillian, you know I love you, but why are you bringing this up now?” He looked at the T.V. waiting for the moments before Scarlett was killed. “You don’t believe me?”

“No, I believe you.” She said, sitting beside him on the bed and taking his hand. “It’s just, things may get a little complicated from here.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Just watch.” She said, nodding her head to the T.V. Justin saw Scarlett walk in to the house. He watched her walk through the house. The screen had been separated into 6 smaller screens to show all the cameras. He saw himself walk through the front door a few seconds later. His heart dropped as he realized he was in the house when Scarlett was killed. He grabbed his chest, pained that he could have saved his little sister.

Scarlett was in the kitchen, making a sandwich. He saw something or someone standing in the corner. It was just an outline of a person, standing in the corner of the kitchen, watching Scarlett. He noticed the knife in the man’s hand. “I don’t think I can watch this.” Justin said, trying to turn away.

“You have to.” Lillian said. Justin continued to watch. The knife moved. The person lunged at Scarlett. There was no sound to the video, but he could see Scarlett scream. He could almost hear it in his head.

“How did I not hear her scream?” Justin said, talking to himself.

“You did hear it.” Lillian said. Justin shook his head. She wasn’t making any sense. He watched closer, hoping the killer would face the camera. His sister lay in the floor bleeding out, the killer stood over her. His shoulders were moving up and down, as if he were laughing. The killer grabbed the sandwich and turned to the camera before turning back to stand over the body again.

“No.” Justin said, clasping his hand over his mouth. That wasn’t how it happened. He had come from his room and into the kitchen. He had made a sandwich and then discovered his sister’s body. He had been in his room. “I came home and went straight to my room to change clothes.” He said to himself.

“I’m sorry Justin.” Lillian said. “You had to do it.”

“What?” He said, still trying to wrap his mind around the video. “I didn’t kill her.”

“That’s not what the video says.” Lillian comforted him. “You had to do it.” She said again.

“Why?” He asked, turning to face her. “Why did I have to kill my sister? My mother? My step-father?” He clawed at his face. “Why did I have to kill my whole family?” He asked as he stood from the bed.

“So we could be together.” Lillian said. “It was beautiful.” She smiled at him. “You did this for me.” She pulled out a necklace with a doll tied to the end.

“Is that a voodoo doll?” Justin asked.

“Yes, it’s a doll with your hair. I couldn’t convince you to leave your family, so I had to get rid of them. You did it for love.”

“Did what for love? Kill my whole family so I can go to jail?” He yelled at her. “I’m going to go to jail for life!” He shouted.

“No you won’t.” She said, walking closer to Justin. “I am going to save you. We will run away and no one will ever find us. They never found me.”

“What did you do?” Justin asked, backing away from the mad woman he thought he loved.

“I had to kill my family too. They were never going to let me go.”

“No.” Justin ran into the bathroom and slammed the door shut. “You are crazy!” He shouted through the door.

“Please, Justin. I did this for us. Now  there is no one holding us back.”

Justin broke the mirror above the sink, picking the sharpest sliver of broken glass and ran it across his throat. He wasn’t going to go to jail and he wasn’t going anywhere with the crazy woman who had tricked him. The door slammed open.

“No!” Lillian screamed. “Why, Justin? Do you not love me?” Justin could no longer speak. He shook his head and closed his eyes. “Stupid boy.” Lillian said, leaving the bathroom. She grabbed the video tape and left the hotel room. Tears streamed down her face. Another love gone wrong. She couldn’t figure out what she was doing to cause this. They all seemed to love her, but they wouldn’t kill for her. She was going to be single forever at this rate.

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