week 1

Last year I participated in NanoWriMo and blogged everyday of November about my process and things that inspired me to continue writing. I don’t have the time for that this year. But I am still participating. Why?

I have fallen from my dream. I have let work and other life things get in the way. Mainly my obsession with wanting to lose weight and then there is the whole “I wish I had a boyfriend” thing. I have let my dream fall behind the couch and I am ashamed that I have not written much in a long time. Sure, I have my weekly short story, but let’s face it, 1000 words or less a week is not the way of a writer. I have missed writing. But it just feels so daunting now. I have seen what others have written. I have seen the hard work and the amazing results. I have let my own doubts get in the way.

This month I will play the NanoWriMo game and I will come back to the top of my writing world. One day I will publish my novel or two…or you know, be the female Stephen King…I dream big!

I am cheating a little this year though. I am using this month to rewrite my first novel. The one I keep telling everyone I am going to make better and end up…letting it collect dust in my files. I am finally going to sit down and finish this sucker once and for all. Then next month I will rewrite the second book. And January I will write the third. Then I will find a good editor to help me polish them all and start sending out to agents and publishers. I have to make this happen because it is the one thing that I know I want in my life. It is the only thing that has not changed since I was in high school. I grew up telling people stories, why stop now?

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