Writing Prompt 8-4: Mirror Mirror

October Prompt title

Hello Nerds! It’s that time of the week again. First I would like to apologize for missing days and not blogging as much as I have in the past. Work has gotten a little hectic and will stay that way until the end of the holiday season. I am trying to learn how to manage everything. But I am the same as I was when I was a child, I want to do everything. I am still that girl that wants it all and more. I am also the girl who procrastinates or sleeps instead of doing what needs to be done.

Anyways, I am trying to get better, so let’s get into this weeks prompt challenge.

I have saved this idea until the end because it has been my favorite idea since the beginning. Seriously, I have been dying to write this one. I thought the week of Halloween would be the perfect time to write it and share it. I do so hope that you enjoy it.

5 Nerd Girl Rating

8-4 Mirror Mirror

I was always a fortune teller. I always told people what they asked, and a lot of the times they didn’t like what they heard. It only took one person to get mad to put me in the predicament I am in now. Just one warlock who didn’t like his fortune and I was trapped forever. I often wonder why he trapped me in a mirror, maybe he had read one too many fairytales. I once heard that he was friends with the Grimm brothers, he was there for their first stories. I don’t know if that is true or if the warlock was just a nosy witch and in everyone’s business.

Either way, I am now the side attraction is this strange fair that travels the world. Yeah, I did say the world. I told you it’s a strange fair. We just show up one day, set up and ready to go. No one knows the fair is coming and no one knows when the fair is going to leave. It’s there one day, gone the next.

I am the end show in the fun house. You know, the fun houses with the weird moving floors, crazy stairs, slides, and fun mirrors that make you look tall, fat, or just miss proportioned. I am special, I show the viewer the last thing they will see when they die. It’s not always fun, and word has traveled fast. What I tell is true, but I was never a fraud. It was the warlocks punishment for telling him that he would die a week after his reading. He did die…which is why I am still trapped in this mirror. It will take a miracle to get me out of here. I pick one willing soul in every town and tell them the truth. It’s usually the last one through the fun house. They are always the ones more willing to believe what I will tell them. I have yet to find the right person to set me free.

This time…this time I have found the one who will set me free. You seem strong in mind and I can feel your power. I know you are wondering why I don’t tell one of the people traveling with the fair about me. It’s simple really, they have all been told not to look at me. If they do, the owner will not only fire them, but leave them stranded somewhere. Half of them don’t remember where they came from anyways. This fair, it does something to the travelers. I am only safe because I am trapped in this mirror.

So, will you help an old fortune teller out? Will you listen to what I say and set me free? You will be rewarded for your bravery. It’s almost like the movie. It’s just a little rhyme. Just say “Mirror, mirror at the fair, listen now and heed my prayer. Release the soul trapped within, wrap it in a brand new skin.”

You just touch the mirror as you say it and my soul will be set free.

You want to know what your reward will be? Of course, you are human and humans do nothing unless it benefits them. With my release you will be rewarded with great power. I have had years to master my powers and I can share that power with you.

Hurry now, touch the mirror and repeat the spell. Before the owner comes by and finds you still here. He will know what I am up to. Quickly!


As you watch the fortune teller walk away, it becomes clear what she has done. You have great power, the power to tell a person the last thing they will see before they die. But no good deed goes unpunished, you have become the mirror. Relax, everyone loves you, all eyes will be on you. The world will come to the fair and wait in line just to see you.

“Sorry dear, it had to be this way.”

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