Get Fit:Week 3


Last week’s weight: 215
This week’s weight: 218

Ugh! You guys, I suck at this fitness thing. I have not worked out like I should. I haven’t even been working on my situps/crunches/squats/pushups challenge. And of course you can see that I have gained 3 pounds this week.

I haven’t been eating too terribly…but I could have done better.

I have a friend at work now that will talk me out of going to McDonald’s or eating candy. Actually I have a few that help put now. And a few that tell me I am crazy, not fat, and I shouldn’t restrict myself. But as you can see, if I don’t restrict myself I screw up!

I feel like I have started off this new week okay. I’m drinking more water and I am determined to not have a single sweet this week. I will be out and about after work today, so I will possibly be eating McDonalds, but just today. And I will make sure to work it off. Hopefully I can get a work out in before bed.

I don’t know how to eat healthy when I don’t have the choice of going home. I’m just struggling so bad with this. I’m tired of being the fat girl and I just want to see myself slim and healthy. I know what I have to do, but I actually forget sometimes. Also, my energy level lately has been basically non existent. I just want to sleep all the time.

I wish I had the money and time for a personal trainer or something. I just need to buckle down and stop whinning.

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