Writing Prompt 8-3: Prankster

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After a ton of distractions I finally finished this weeks writing prompt. I have been bad at keeping with a schedule, but I am working on that. I just want to sleep most of the time. It messes with everything.

I noticed the other day that all of my writing prompts end up with a little dark twist…I decided to maybe keep this one a little light hearted. I hope you like it.

October Prompt

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8-3 Prankster

Rumor has it; the mirror at the end of the fun house at the local fair will show you the last thing you will see before you die. None of us believed it and fought our way through the fun house. We only wanted to see what the mirror has to say about our future. We even made sure that it was the night of a full moon, at midnight. We may have snuck into the fair to see it after closing.

Carter was the one we all laughed at. According to the mirror, the last thing he would see was a cracked windshield and a “dead end” road sign. A few days later, we were no longer laughing. Carter swerved on the road to avoid hitting a deer and hit the road sign. The “dead end” road sign.

A few days after that Cassie was walking home from work, it was dark and she didn’t see that the man hole cover was missing. She fell to her death. The mirror showed her nothing but darkness, we now know why.

There are just two of us left now. Me and Edward.

My name is Brittany, and according to the mirror, the last thing I will see is a clock clicking over to midnight and a calendar reading tomorrows date. Edward saw the same thing. We laughed at it at first, but now we think the mirror is cursed. I can’t undo what has happened already, but I can stop what is coming.

After researching, we found all that we need to cancel the curse. All I have to do is break it. But it’s not going to be easy. To break it I have to reflect the moon light on to the mirror and use a hammer dunked in holy water to break it with the moon lighting it. Meaning, I have to wait for the fair to shut down for the night, sneak in and pull the mirror out of the fun house. Edward is helping me, he is the one that found out how to break the mirror.

It takes no time to sneak in to the fair grounds. We have done that much before. Sneaking into the fun house was easy as well. Moving the mirror looked impossible, but we figured it out.

I get the mirror where I can see the moon in it and raise the hammer to break the mirror. Before I bring the hammer down I hear Carter and Cassie laughing. I look at Edward who starts laughing as well.

“What is going on?” I ask, looking at my friends that are supposed to be dead. Both of them laughing so hard they are bent over. Edward throws his arm around my shoulders, trying to contain his laughter.

“We had you going.” Edward says. I push him away.

“You did all of this for a prank?” I shout, throwing the hammer and breaking the mirror. I was furious. I couldn’t believe my friends would do such a horrible thing.

“My aunt works for the fair.” Carter says.

“She helped us set it up.”  Cassie said, standing up and trying to wipe the tears from her eyes.

“Your whole family was in on it?” I asked Cassie and Carter. They were twins, and they were well known for their pranks. I thought being Cassie’s best friend protected me from their games.

“Edward caught on after the man hole incident.” Cassie told me. “He came to the house and made us let him in on it.”

“I’m your girlfriend.” I told Edward, hitting his arm. “Why would you put me through this?”

“I’m sorry, I thought it was a hilarious idea.”

“I broke the mirror.” I said, my face turning red. I wasn’t mad, just embarrassed.

“It was an extra.” Carter claimed.

“What was the point in all of this?” I ask the twins.

“You have always been into the weird stuff. You believe in all the ghost stories. We just wanted you to experience it once. We wanted to help you believe in all the magic that we pick on you about.” Cassie was smiling, but worry clouded her eyes.

“It was all on good intentions.” Carter said.

“It was fun.” I told them, shaking my head. “But I know the thought of losing you two will haunt me for the rest of my life.”

Carter and Cassie hugged me. We were best friends, had been best friends since kindergarten.  I could never be mad at them and they had given me the thrill of my life.

“So, am I okay too?” Edward asked from behind us. I laughed and pulled him into our group hug. Years from now we would all laugh at this. It would be a story we would tell our kids and grandkids.

“Don’t do it again.” Told them and we all left the fair grounds laughing.

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