Writing Prompt 8-2: Midnight

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October Prompt

Now, on to the story! Warning…it’s a little longer than the others. But I think you will enjoy it!

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8-2 Midnight

New town, new school, and new friends. The past few months had been a whirlwind of chaos. My room was still a mess of boxes and my little brother was even more annoying than usual. Aside from the annoyance and headaches, one good thing had come from the move, Tori and Nate, the twins, and my new best friends. We clicked almost instantly when I moved in to town. To make things even better, Tori had informed me that Nate was into me. Of course, I was okay with that because I had a crush on Nate as well.

They were the reason I was driving Ben, my little brother, and myself to the fair. Tori and Nate had convinced me it would be fun, despite my hate and fear of fairs. My parents had forced me to take Ben with me. It was going to be okay, he was meeting friends. We had already discussed where we would meet at the end of the night and at what time. We also both had our phones if something happened. He was 14, he could take care of himself. I was 17 and a senior in high school. It sucked changing schools right before my senior year, but it could have been worse. Tori and Nate made it all worth it.

“Mels!” I heard a familiar voice from the crowd after Ben and I parted ways at the gate. Tori bolted from the crowd and wrapped her arms around my neck, knocking both of us to the ground causing as to laugh until tears fell from our eyes. My stomach hurt from laughing. Before we could gather our selves Nate was standing in front of us, offering a hand to each of us to help us stand.

“Thank you.” I told Nate around a laugh. He shook his head with a smile on his face.

“My sister is trying to kill you.” He said, his smile faltering for a second and his laugh bellowed through the crowd. It caused Tori and me to start laughing again. I loved my new friends. Nate put an arm around me and Tori locked her arm through mine. My stomach fluttered and excitement fueled me forward. “Fun house.” Nate whispered.

“Yeah!” Tori shouted, pulling all of us forward. “They have a mirror that is supposed to show you the last thing you are going to see before you die.”

I groaned but followed. We made our way through the fun house, laughing at our distorted reflections and taking pictures together. At the end of the fun house was the infamous mirror, the one mirror everyone came into the fun house for. Nate and Tori went first, laughing and shaking their heads at what they saw. Nate had seen a nurse, frowning. Tori had seen a bunch of people looking as if they were standing around a bed. My turn came and I felt the blood drain from my face.

It was my room, the wall where my desk sat. A few boxes still sat unpacked. The room was dark except for the dim light of the moon. On my desk was a clock that read midnight and the calendar said the date was only a few days from the current day. I held in a scream and bolted from the fun house. I didn’t stop until I was standing at the gate. I was done with the fair and I wanted to go home.

Nate caught up to me first. “What did you see?” Nate asked concerned. His hand was on my arm for comfort.

“I don’t really want to talk about it.” I told him, trying to brush away the image. He put his arm around me and hugged me close. “How about you and I grab a funnel cake and talk about our date tomorrow night.”

“What?” I asked, shocked. “Won’t Tori be looking for us?”

“Nah, she wanted to ride one of those sketchy fair rides.”

The night closed with a kiss on the cheek from Nate and a hug from Tori. I couldn’t shake the image of the mirror from my mind, but I was too happy to dwell on it too much.

I became paranoid the closer the day came that was on the calendar in the mirror. I kept telling myself it was all in my head, but something was wrong. I had asked Nate and Tori to come over that night, to keep me company. My parents were off on a business trip and Ben was staying with a friend. I didn’t want to be alone.

“It’s nothing to worry about.” Tori said when she walked through the door of my house. We spent the night in the living room watching movies and eating popcorn. At some point I had fallen asleep, comfortable with my best friend and my now boyfriend watching over me. When I woke in a panic I was in my bed, staring at my desk. It was 11:50. I tried to get out of bed but I realized my hands and feet where tied down.

“It was fun.” I heard Nate say from the shadows. “I really did like you, Melanie. Sadly for you, we just can’t help ourselves.”

“When the itch arises, we have to scratch it.” Tori said. She was sitting beside my bed, in the floor, her chin resting on the bed. She smiled at me. “I really wish it didn’t have to be you, but an opportunity presented itself and this is how it has to happen.”

“I could have settled down with you. I even considered changing my ways for you.” Nate said, sitting in the floor on the other side of the bed and mocking Tori’s position. “You are just so kind and pretty.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked them, pulling at the rope tying me to the bed.

“Our parents passed on the gene to us. The need to free the soul of a human at least once a year.” Tori said. “Did you read anything about this place when you moved here? A lot of people have died the way you will die tonight.” She smiled. “That was because of us.”

“I’m so sorry, Melanie.” Nate looked like he was sincere. He pulled a knife from under the bed and lay it on my stomach. “I will make it quick.” He picked up the knife and looked at Tori. “Are you sure we have to do this? Maybe we can find someone else.”

“No one else will do. I’m sorry. I really tried to find someone else.” They discussed letting me live for a few moments. But I knew it was over for me. As soon as the clock struck midnight, I was done.

“This is what the mirror told me.” I told them. “It showed me this very night at midnight. It just didn’t show me how I was going to die.”

“Mels…” Tori said as a tear slid down her face. “We can’t turn back now. You know who we are.”

“I won’t tell anyone.” I told her. I was being honest, I hadn’t planned on telling anyone if I got out of this. I wanted to keep my friends. I know that sounds crazy, but I never claimed to be sane. “Couldn’t I join you?” I asked. “I know someone else who is alone tonight. Someone that we all hate.”

“Really?” Nate asked, hope flashed in his eyes. “Please tell me you are talking about Julia.” He said, stroking the knife.

“Yes.” I said. “We could kill her slowly.”

“We?” Nate asked, a smile broke through. I looked at Tori and even she was smiling.

“Obviously I am a part of this now.  I even know how to add a little more excitement to it.” I said. I will admit, I was growing excited at the prospect of joining my friends in their hobby. I had always wondered what it would be like to kill someone. Does that make me crazy or just human?

“Well?” Nate asked.

“We kidnap her, bring her here and take her to the basement. My parents won’t be back until the weekend and Ben is terrified of the basement.” I glanced at Tori. “How much more fun would it be to take a few days to finish her?”

“Untie her.” Tori said as she started working on one side of my bonds. I risked a look at the clock. It was five after midnight. Though, if you really think about it, Melanie did die that night. In her place a killer was born.

Plus Mustache

Please tell me what you thought about it! Thanks for reading!



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