Writing Prompt 8-1: Behind the Silk

October Prompt title

Hello Nerds! I hope you are ready for this months writing prompt! I am a little excited about it. So…let’s just get to the reveal!

October Prompt

What a fantastic way to celebrate halloween then by strange stories about a funhouse mirror. Seriously, how many horror movies have we seen at carnivals and fairs with at least one or two fun house mirror scenes?

And with out any more delay, here is this months first writing prompt story!

5 Nerd Girl Rating

8-1 Behind the Silk

Kegan was excited about the fair in town. He looked forward to it every year. This year was different though, everything was different. His friends had all moved away, high school was over, and college was going great. He had moved out of his parents house only a month ago and had made sure to save enough money to spend a few days at the fair when it came into town. There was something about the clicking, unsteady rides that gave him a rush of excitement.

There was even rumor this year that the funhouse had added a new mirror. A mirror that showed you the last thing you saw before you died. As someone who was obsessed with death, Kegan was thrilled at the idea of knowing something about when he would die. Even it was just a lame gimmick to make money. He was going alone this year and he couldn’t wait to have a peak into the mirror.

After a long day of school and work, Kegan finally made it to the fair. A new friend from class was going to meet him there, but he couldn’t stand around waiting. He started in on the rides as soon as he got his tickets. Three rides later his friend met up with him and they grabbed a funnel cake. Kegan also grabbed a candy apple and a bag of cotton candy. It was the fair and he wasn’t holding back.

Then it was off to the funhouse. Mirrors that made you look fat, tall, skinny, and warped lined the walls. At the end was the infamous mirror that showed you the last thing you would see before you die. Kegans friend laughed as he looked into the mirror. “What do you see, man?” Kegan asked. His friend shook his head.

“A little old lady and a nurse.” He said. “I’m guessing the old lady is supposed to be my wife.” He shrugged. “Cute.”

Kegan took his turn, looking into the mirror and feeling disappointment.

“What is it?” His friend asked him.

“Nothing.” Kegan said, letting out a sigh. “It looks like silk. Maybe I will die a wealthy man, or the actors went on break.” Kegan walked out of the funhouse, suddenly tired. “I think I am going to go home. I have had enough fun and that mirror was a bummer.”

“Yeah, I have to study tonight.” They parted ways with goodbyes and a handshake. Kegan made his way home, disappointed in the mirror, it had ruined his good night. He had hoped for something a little more creative.

At home, Kegan grabbed a soda and turned on his television. He didn’t hear the intruder in the bedroom, the TV was too loud. He didn’t notice the man creep up behind him with a cloth soaked with chloroform. He wasn’t even sure what happened, other than something covering his face and darkness.

Kegan woke from a hazy sleep. Trying to remember what happened, he sat up, hitting his head. His head hit the pillow again and he reached his hands up, finding a wall in front of him. After feeling around he realized he was in a box. He beat on the wall in front of his face and screamed. But no one came to his aid. He hit his face, telling himself to wake up. He eventually gave up and dropped his hands, finding something metal beside him.

He fiddled with the metal object for a few seconds and clicked the button on the side. The flashlight lit up the box. With the light Kegan could see where he was. He saw the silk in front of him, all around him. He quickly realized he was not just in a box. He was in a casket. Panic sat in and Kegan screamed again. He tore at the fabric lining the box, but he was getting no where.

“Shut up.” He heard from outside of the casket.

“Who is there? Let me out!” He shouted again.

“Know that this is your fathers doing.” The voice said to him. “Had he just paid the ransom he could have had his son back. But Daddy Warbucks had to be greedy and keep all the money to himself. Funny thing is, he kept saying he just didn’t care about his son. That he hadn’t seen his son in three years. You will die knowing your father didn’t love you, Alex.”

“My name is Kegan!” He shouted. He started crying. Alex was the friend he had been at the fair with. This guy had the wrong son. Kegan’s father was not poor, but he was not rich. He didn’t have the kind of money that would warrant someone to kidnap his son for ransom.

“What?” Said a new voice. “You moron!” the voice shouted. “You got the wrong kid.”

“This is the guy we have been following all night.”

“I said the red head.” The voice growled at the other. “You grabbed the wrong one. No wonder the fool man said this wasn’t his son.”

“Let me out!” Kegan shouted again.

“Sorry, kid. We can’t leave any witnesses.”

“Wait, I won’t say anything.” Kegan pleaded. He waited for a reply. “I’m really good with secrets.” He tempted. No reply. “Please, I will do anything, just let me out.” Tears streamed down his face. No reply. No one was outside the casket. A few minutes later the casket jostled and thumped as it landed back on the ground. A steady thump hit the casket and it didn’t take long for Kegan to figure out what was happening.

How long does someone live when they have been buried alive? Kegan was about to find out.

Plus Mustache

I do hope you enjoyed it! Come back next week for another story! Or you know…tomorrow for other fun stuff!


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