Friday Inspiration


Hello Nerds.

Today’s inspiration is inspired by a little moment I had this week. A moment where I realized I have been setting myself up for failure.

See, I have this overbearing need to make people like me. Then when I find out they have been talking about me behind my back or they don’t pay me any attention, it sends me into this dark place. I know it’s ridiculous, but I grew up around “friends” who hated me and I tried so hard to be nice and to make them like me. Once you have been doing that for so long, it’s hard to put it behind you.

So, this weeks inspiration is all about realizing who your real friends are and how you can tell who they are. It’s a hard lesson to learn, but once we learn it, it makes life a lot better.

2 4 5 33

Find out who your real friends are, before you get in too deep with the fake ones.


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