Do You Read/Write With Music?


I realized the other night while writing my short story for Wednesday that I write better when I listen to music. I will use the music to set the mood of the story. I was listening to “I See Fire” by Ed Sheeran. I don’t know the lyrics, I didn’t listen well enough. It was more of the sound of the music itself. It was sort of slow and depressing and beautiful. Which may be why my short story this week ended up being a little dark.

I also listen to music while I am reading sometimes. My house is super loud. My brother is always shouting at his computer, playing games, and my dad usually has the television in the living room on blast. I live in a double wide trailer…sound travels and some days I feel like it all makes it’s way into my room. Like, my room is a sound magnet. So I have to use music to drown out the the noise around me.

Once I get into the book I am reading I don’t have a problem. But with writing, if I stop to think about the story for a second, all the noise in the house falls into my ears and distracts me from the story. If I have music on, something that is stetting the mood of what I am writing, I can focus on that when my fingers need a break. Then I just slip back into what I was doing with no problem.

Is it weird that I can listen to music while reading? I know a lot of authors listen to music while writing. One of my favorite authors, Kim Harrison, listens to music to set the mood of what she is writing. I know Stephanie Meyers, author of twilight, would share play list for all of her books. So writing with music doesn’t seem all that strange. But I have been told that it’s strange to listen to music while reading.

Sorry, I’m rambling.

So tell me, do you put on music to read and/or write?



8 thoughts on “Do You Read/Write With Music?

  1. lbaofootnotes says:

    That’s interesting. I used to. Now that I have a sleeping baby, and I love nap time, I just open the front door. I wonder how that has affected my writing? Now I want to research my own files.

  2. Wannie says:

    Music can really be a tool whatever we do. I think if I’m concentrating to do something like read or write, music relaxes my mind but I’d choose a playlist which includes songs that I don’t know because songs I know are distracting. I tend to sing-along easily! Haha. But yeah, I love music. ❤

    • Heather M. says:

      I have the same problem! I will find myself singing instead of reading. I usually have to go back and re-read what I just read. I will listen to dubstep or any kind of electronic music to avoid that.

  3. Rachel says:

    I see Fire (and all LOTR songs) are the best ever!
    Yes, I listen to music. However, I can’t focus when people talk so I tend to listen to instrumental or a cappella music. Lately I’ve been listening to Smooth McGroove, Taylor Davis, and Lindsey Stirling. You can look them all up on YouTube. They’re amazing!

    • Heather M. says:

      Love Lindsey Stirling! She is amazing. I listen to a lot of electronic music to avoid the voices singing. But I had just heard I See Fire, my dad had been watching The Hobbit and it had just gone off and that was at the end. I was completely shocked to find that Ed Sheeran was the one who sung it!

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