What Are You Reading?

Reading Corner

Hello Nerds,

So…I still have not picked up my reading speed. I realize that I have a ton of books to read, but I seem to be in a reading slump. I am falling behind in my reading challenge. I am only 8 books ahead of schedule now.

Moving on…

I am still reading Small Favor by Jim Butcher


The Secret Hour by Scott Westerfeld


and Sortilege by C.M. Cox
Honestly, this one has lost my interest so I need to hurry through it so I can get a review of it done and move on.


A new one that I am reading is The Selection Kiera Cass
I am listening to this one and I am not so sure I will continue the series when I finish it. The covers are beautiful, but the story…It just feels so…Hunger Games with out the killing. You take a bunch of lower class girls, dress them up, and parade them around the Prince so that one girl can be his bride. I also realized that it takes three books to get to the final girl…It just seems like this story can be told in one book, but I will read through the rest of it before I judge it too harshly.


What are you reading?



6 thoughts on “What Are You Reading?

  1. Karen says:

    I am currently reading The Five Elements by Scott Marlowe and The Cock of the South by C. S. Boyack. There are more amazing books upcoming. I would like to have 30-hour-days – to have another six hours a day for reading. 😉

    • Heather M. says:

      They both sound like really good books. And I so agree on the extra hours of the day! The book I’m reading, The Secret Hour is actually about a group of kids who have an extra hour at midnight. I’m kind of jealous of them. lol

  2. Rosie Rockets says:

    Uh I am falling way behind too. Starting a biography on Dave Grohl but it was SO badly written I had to stop. Now I’ve picked up “Can We Talk About Something More Pleasant” by Roz Chast – hilarious!

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