A Little Rant

Forgive me for this little rant but it’s really the only place I can put this and I’m just so terribly annoyed.

You see, I work I  retail. There are people in and out, customers and employees alike. There are times I am cussed out because a customer thinks that I have no education and I am beneath them. I have employees that get an attitude with me because I am over them and I have asked them to do their job. I have heard it all.

But the thing that really gets me the most about retail is the high school drama. Now, be aware that where I work you have to be 18 before you can be hired. You are either done with high school or in your last year. But I would swear that half the people I work with are teenagers. The drama that spills from their mouths! He said this, she said that, why isn’t she working, why isn’t he wearing a name badge. It’s a load of crap!

When I graduated high school I thought all the drama was behind me. Working in retail I realized that I was so wrong. And it’s so irritating. Why is there a need to lie to someone? Own up to your own mistakes, it’s part of being an adult.

Another thing, when you find out that someone had a crush on another person, don’t go off and flirt with that person, especially if you already have a boyfriend!  Come on people, grow up!

That is all for my rant. I hope you are all having a wonderful Thursday!



3 thoughts on “A Little Rant

  1. Rachel says:

    Ugh, people drive me crazy. I used to have a job like that. The supervisors were the worst because they were power driven. I got out of there quick. Even now drama happens at my work. It’s not as bad, but it’s still there… And we’re preschool teachers. I think every work place has their own problems like that.

    • Heather M. says:

      I agree. It just always takes me by surprise when I run into it. I know from my own family that some people never let go of that silly little need to cause or be in the middle of drama.

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