Prompt Challenge: September Reveal

September prompt reveal

Hello nerds!

Today is the day. Since there are 5 Wednesdays this month, I decided to use the first Wednesday as the prompt reveal day. Woo!

As always, I am super excited for this prompt. I may have trouble coming up with new stories, but I think I will come up with great ones.

So, with out further delay…

September Prompt Title

September prompt

Any one have an imaginary friend growing up? I know I did, her name was dondy. Sometimes I don’t think she was my imaginary friend, but more of a guardian angel. I miss having her around to be honest.

When I first read this prompt my heart broke for all the imaginary friends in the world. I feel like they play a major part in a lot of kids lives, it’s just sad that one day they will be forgotten.

It also reminded me of a movie called Drop Dead Fred.

One of my favorite movies as a kid. It was so weird. Not a lot of people have seen it either. Have you seen it?

See you next Wednesday with a super awesome story for this prompt!



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