Fitness Sunday: Week 26

WIll it be easy

Happy Sunday Nerds!

Last Weeks Weight: 217
This Weeks Weight: 215

YES!! I was hoping for 2 pounds this week. I have not been working out more and I have been eating things that I shouldn’t be. But I lost 2 pounds. THANK YOU!! I am so excited for this. I feel like my body has finally figured out how to combat the fat. Or maybe I have been doing more and not realizing it. What ever the case, I am terribly happy and I don’t want to do anything to mess it up.

I don’t have any serious plans this week as far as weight loss goes. I would love to loss two more pounds. I need to get back to eating healthier and not letting my mood dictate what I eat. I really need to get in more workouts too. I have been doing squats, sit ups, crunches, and pushups. I even tried to add lunges in all of it…but that didn’t go over well. My ankle can not handle lunges.

I am trying to work around my injured ankle, yet still make sure both sides are even. I don’t want a bad ankle to put me down or out. I don’t want to use it as an excuse. But, when I returned to work this week after vacation, my ankle had trouble adjusting to the work again. I came home a few nights in so much pain that I was almost in tears.

Not to worry though, I plan on making it back to the doctor to see what they can do about getting me 100% better. I really hope I can get this fixed without surgery or anything crazy. And I hope that I have not damaged myself beyond repair.

The main and most important thing though is that I have lost weight and I am still losing weight. I may have become a little obsessed with what I eat and all that good stuff, but maybe that is what I have needed all along.



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