500 Writing Prompts: The Beach

Sand and Sea

Hello Nerds

I am getting bored with Pin-it Saturday. So…I will be doing this until I get bored with it. Why? Well, this way you can get to know a little bit more about me and I have 500 writing prompts…that is 500 Saturdays where I just open a book and answer a question. I am down for that. 🙂

This weeks prompt was:
You’re barefoot in the sand on a beach, and the waves run over your toes. Describe what you are feeling.

My Answer:
The first wave was cold, that is all I could think as I held back a squeal of childhood memories. Then, I felt relief because it was a sign that some things in life never change. I once loved the ocean, then feared it only because I had been away from it for so long. Now I realize that my love for it had not disappeared, it had just hidden to keep myself from missing the wonderful joy the ocean brings. I will always love the sand between my toes and running from the chasing waves. I will love standing knee deep in the ocean and feel the tide push and pull at my legs.

I feel calm, peaceful, and happy. I am connected to every part of life in that one second. Land, sea, sky, and living. For a moment I am the center of the universe. For a moment I am perfect.

It’s not just the water rushing over my feet. It’s looking into the distance and seeing nothing but water. A knowing that there are still things in this world to discover. There is a whole world below the mirrored surface that we have yet to see. The water rushing over my feet has been there. It has seen the wonders of the ocean and it has come to tell us all about, if we just listen we may even hear the song of the mermaids among the waves.

I would love for you to join in the prompt fun. Have a go at it.


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