Favorite Movies Through the Years

Happy Birthday To me


I am part of a group on Facebook called Lovely Lady Bloggers. You can go check it out. It is an amazing community for all the wonderful lady bloggers out there.

I asked them a few weeks ago to give me a few ideas for my birthday week. I wanted to do a whole week of long list…I quickly realized how long 30 was and wow…I needed ideas. One blogger suggested I do my favorite song from each year I have been alive. Well…that was just too much to go through. There are SO many songs! And I love so many different genres. It was tough and I just didn’t have time to do it.

But it did spring the idea of movies through the years. So I went through the years and picked my favorite movie starting in 1985, the year I was born.

1985- The Breakfast Club

1986- Labyrinth **This also happens to be my favorite movie EVER!**

1987- The Lost Boys

1988- Beetlejuice

1989-The Little Mermaid **I have always felt a connection with Ariel. I have always felt I was out of place in the world I am in.**

1990- Edward Scissor Hands **This one competed with Cry Baby. Both staring Johnny Depp, but Edward Scissor Hands is such a beautiful movie.**

1991- The Adams Family

1992- Buffy the Vampire Slayer

1993- The Nightmare Before Christmas

1994- Interview with the Vampire

1995- Casper **I want a tattoo that says “Can I Keep You.” Because of this movie**

1996- Matilda **We share a love of books. When do I get powers?**

1997- Men in Black

1998- What Dreams May Come **Beautiful movie. RIP Robin Williams.**

1999-10 Things I Hate About You **RIP Heath Ledger.**

2000- O Brother Where Art Thou

2001- Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone **As a lover of books, you had to have known this would come up**

2002- Queen of the Damned

2003- Big Fish **I will watch this movie a thousand times and never get tired of it.**

2004- Howl’s Moving Castle

2005-Charlie and the Chocolate Factory **I realize not a lot of people like this one but I loved it! Tim Burton and Johnny Depp…Of course I loved it.

2006- Step Up

2007- Hairspray

2008- Twilight **I know I’m not supposed to like this…but I do. It’s my dirty little secret**

2009- Zombieland

2010- Alice in Wonderland **Again, Johnny Depp and Tim Burton!**

2011- Beastly

2012- The Hunger Games **Again…I read the books, love the movies. GIVE ME MORE!**

2013- Enders Game

2014- The Maze Runner

2015- Chappie **This year isn’t over, but this was the one movie that has stuck out the most so far. Such an adorable movie.**

The thing about this list…It made me realize how many amazing movies I need to re-watch! And there were so many times where I debated for a good 10 minutes before I settled on one movie. Over all, my favorite movie is Labyrinth and I will always pick it over any other movie.

What is your favorite movie?



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