Why Do You Keep All Those Books?


**This is not my bookshelf, but boy do I wish it was!**

I am sure most of you have heard this question before, like the book nerds of the world have to have a reason for horsing books. But it had me thinking why, like the deep down truth of it all.

My answer has always been a joke about the apocalypse and needing something to do when the world basically goes to hell. I joke that I will find a cave somewhere hidden, and just read until I die of old age.

It’s funny, but there is more to it. See, I plan on being one of those parents that reads to her child before it’s even born. Every night when I put my child to bed I will read to them and eventually read with them. My kids are going to love reading as much as I do. That is when they will love the stories that I love and they will riffle through my book shelf and find the books that I have loved for years.

I keep all my books so that my kids will never lack in books to read. Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games, The Maze Runner. My kids will read all my favorites and I can relive the experience with them. One day these books may not be as accessible as they are now, and my kids will know what it feels like to hold a real book.

Also, a full bookshelf makes you look smarter and it really adds character to any room.

Tell me, why do you keep all of your books?



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