Prompt Challenge: 6-2 Office Murders

August Prompt Title

Yes! It’s Wednesday again! Next Wednesday I will be at the beach. Thank goodness, but I will still have a story for you. Don’t you worry.

This weeks is a little…I’m not sure I am happy with it. But it’s a story and I can’t miss a week or I will miss other weeks and this whole prompt challenge will just go down the drain. So…I hope you enjoy it!

August Prompt

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6-2 Office Murders

The screams filled the darkness. The lights had gone out only an hour ago and the screaming had not stopped. At first it was screams of shock that the power had gone out. It wasn’t just the office building either, it was the whole town. Then the screams were from people bumping into each other, scaring them. There were a few laughs at first, but that was before the screams of pain started.

No one knew what was going on, at least not until one woman came across the first body. She felt it first, the warm slick substance that covered the ground. She had followed it to the still warm body. For the first time since the power went out, she thought of her phone. All phones had a flashlight built in now. But she only needed the light of the screen to see the horror that she had stumbled into. She screamed as the light hit the dead body, the man’s eyes were wide and cold. She knew him. She knew him better than anyone, because it was her husband. The kind husband that had stopped by to bring her dinner because she was going to be at work late.

“What’s happening?” Another voice from behind the woman asked. “Mary, is that Bill?”

“Amy!” Mary screamed right before Amy dropped to the floor. Mary slid over to Amy and checked her pulse, she was alive. Mary realized that Amy had just passed out, and she breathed a sigh of relief.

More screams fell through the office building. “Everyone find somewhere to hide.” Mary shouted over the screams. “Someone is killing people.” She gasped. She pulled Amy to the closet behind them and closed the door as quietly as she could, turning off her phone screen so the light would not give them away. She listened as more doors closed throughout the office and another scream. A wet scream that could only mean another person had been killed. Her heart raced, and she knew that the killer would here her.

Amy moaned as she came to. Mary shushed her and sat her up. “We have to be quiet.” Mary said, covering Amy’s mouth. “There is a killer in the building.”

Amy stayed quiet as tears slipped down her cheeks. She pulled out her phone and tried to call for help. “It won’t go through.” She whispered. “I have no service.”

Mary checked her phone and put it away quickly. “I don’t either.” She sighed. “Maybe we can just ride it out in here.”

They heard shuffling outside the door and backed up into the back of the closet, pushing themselves against the wall. Amy had her mouth covered with one hand and the other hand gripping Mary’s hand. “I can hear the little birdies in here.” A voice said from the room. “Where are the little birdies hiding?” The killer sung. “Don’t you know it’s rude to hide from the guest of honor?”

Mary closed her eyes and held her breath.

“I will come back for you. I know you are in the closet.” The killer said, leaving the room. Mary slumped and took a deep breath.

“She is going to come back for us.” Amy said. “We have to get out of here.”

“Where are we going to go?” Mary asked.

“Out the window.” Amy said quickly.

“The windows don’t open.”

“But they are glass and they can break. We just have to be quick about it.”

“This isn’t going to work.” Mary said.

“You stay here. I will bust the window and get out.”

“No.” Mary tried to stop Amy, but she was already out of the closet and grabbing a chair. Mary raced from the closet behind her and helped. The first hit to the window only caused a loud noise, but the glass didn’t break. They tried again, and the second time the window only cracked. “She is going to come back and find us.” Mary said through tears.

“We can take her if she does. There are two of us and only one of her.”

They hit the window with the chair again and the window finally shattered. Amy went to climb out, hitting the ground and reaching to help Mary out.

“Did the little birdie escape her cage?” A voice said from behind Mary. Amy’s eyes grew wide.

“Mary! Hurry!” Amy shouted, she grabbed Mary’s hands, but Mary pulled her back through the window. “Mary, what are you doing?” Amy screamed.

The office building was quiet now. No one screamed or cried. They were all dead, except the three women in one office. Amy, Mary, and the killer. Or were there two killers? Amy was confused. As Amy looked back at the open window, trying to pull out of Mary’s grasp the power came back on. She met her killer face to face and the blood drained from her cheeks. Mary was screaming now. She was the last one left. Amy knew it. There was no one else in the room.

Amy stood facing Mary, her bloody hand raised with a knife. Mary tried to pull away, but Amy was strong. “Amy, why are you doing this?”

“I didn’t do this.” Amy said. She was trying to convince herself that it wasn’t happening, that she was another victim of this horrible night. But she wasn’t the victim. She was the killer. She had gone through every office and killed every person that had worked late.

“Amy, put down the knife.” Mary pleaded.

“You were all throwing more work at me. I couldn’t finish it. It was too much and no one would help me.” Amy started crying. “I would get you coffee and lunch, and still have to do all the work you threw at me. I tried. I can’t remember the last time I got a decent night sleep.” Amy dropped the knife to her side. “I work most of the day and get home just with enough time to eat a small dinner and sleep a few hours, just to be back. I was always the first one here and the last to leave. No one noticed me.”

“I did.” Mary said, trying to calm the killer in front of her.

“Yeah, when you needed more coffee.” Amy growled.

“You don’t want to do this.” Mary said.

“Oh, but I have already killed everyone else. Why wouldn’t I kill you?”

“Because, I was your friend. Remember when we went out for drinks?”

“Yeah, so you could give me more work to do.” Amy’s face turned red and she raised the knife again, slashing it down and hitting Mary in the neck. “You won’t give me anymore work.”

As the police filled into the building they shook their heads and covered their mouths. The walls were covered in blood and bodies were thrown everywhere. As they made their way to the last office, they heard the signing of a woman. As they entered the room they paused and watched Amy rock back and forth, stroking her hair. Her eyes met those of the police and she smiled. “It’s okay now. There’s no more work. I did it all.” She smiled and rocked. “My work is done today.” She looked at the two bodies around her. “I should have quit.” She whispered.Plus Mustache

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