Fitness Sunday: Week 23

Fitness Sunday

Hello Nerds!

Here is a quick update on this week.

Last Weeks Weight: 219
This Weeks Weight: 218

So, here is what happened. I got down to 215. I really did! Then I had one bad day where I went out to eat. We had mexican and…it destroyed my weight loss. I didn’t know that just one day could do something that drastic to my weight loss.

On top of that, the one day that I splurged I didn’t make sure I drank enough water, so I am sure that messed things up a bit too.

Today marks 15 days since I had a sweet. Actually, to be completely honest, I had one sweet on my bad day. It was a cereal bar with strawberry filling. But! I gave blood that day and I was afraid to go without the sugar…I didn’t know how it would effect me. But other than that, no sweets or overly processed foods have passed my lips!

I am doing really really good. I have been doing my fitness challenge every day. I have, on most days, made sure I had enough water. I have been keeping my calorie count around 1000 calories a day.

It was just one day that screwed me up and it won’t happen again. I have also had a problem with eating after work on days I close. Sadly, there isn’t much I can do about that.

The diet that I was talking about last week didn’t work out to well. It was just too much food to consume all day. My brother on the other hand…ugh. The diet worked perfect for him.

This week I hope to lose three pounds, staying on my diet.

Let me clear something up right quick. I say diet, but for me it’s not a diet. It’s more of a lifestyle change, but I am calling it a diet because it is different than what I am used to. until I get used to it and it just becomes a norm, it will be called a diet.

With that said. This week I hope to stay true to my diet, drink plenty of water, continue doing my fitness challenge, and add a few days of exercise. I think I am doing better than I have ever done before and I want to keep going with this.

I learned this past week that what I put in my body really is up to me. I don’t HAVE to have candy or sweets. I don’t HAVE to feed my cravings. I can get other things, healthier things to lessen my cravings and continue to eat and live right. I don’t know why I didn’t catch on to this before!

If any of you out there use my fitness pal, feel free to add me! You can find me at Pythongurl. I would love to see more people on my friends list. I even have it where you can see what I am eating everyday…for the days that I remember to log everything.


3 thoughts on “Fitness Sunday: Week 23

  1. Hannargh says:

    Hi Heather. I’ve just come across your blog and have really enjoyed reading through some of your posts. Like you, I love to write (and dream of finishing that novel in my head). As a similar weight myself I also dream of losing a bit more! I’m just starting to chart my progress on here and hope we can inspire each other to keep going 🙂

  2. 4MyLifeFitness says:

    Holy shit! 1000 calories a day!? You must feel like shit and if you don’t, kudos to you. That’s really low, like The Biggest Loser let’s torture people, low. I would quit that diet in a heartbeat. cause I like food dammit!!!

    Keep in mind, 3500 calories equals a pound. So if you’re cheat meal (or day) exceeds that amount and if you haven’t kept a a caloric deficit to make up for it (which at a 1000 calories a day you’re in a chronic deficit because it takes more calories just to live), than you’ll gain weight.

    If you want to EAT and lose, contact me! Maybe you can do my 24 Day Challenge with me. 🙂

    Best of luck either way but another word of advice – if you eat at such a huge deficit, you’ll actually stop losing weight because your body with learn that you’re starving it and in an effort to survive, it’ll hold on to your fat for food because you’re not feeding it enough.

    • Heather M. says:

      1000 calories is really low, but I wasn’t hungry. I was eating a lot of vegetables to keep myself full and drinking lots of water. After a little research I did decide to up my calorie intake to 1200 which isn’t much more but I am barely making it to 1200 and stuffed by the end of the day. Once I start working out more I may up that even more, just to keep myself going. But so far it has not effected my energy or anything. I’m actually feeling more awake through the day.

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