Pin-It Saturday: Doing the Research

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This post today was inspired by THIS pin.

I have been working on another story. Something I am really excited about, but I realized it is different from all the other stories I have written in the past. This on actually requires some research.

After doing just a little bit of research I realized that I was so out of my element. I don’t like research, at least I didn’t when I was in school. I always get a mess of information and I have no idea what to do with it from there. And when I say a mess…I mean I practically copied every last word from the books because I never knew what was important!

So I sat down and I tried to figure out my course of action. What and how was I going to research what I needed to find out? I found a method that may work for me. I started searching the more broad terms and note cards. I have this thing for note cards. I love them and using them like the rest of the world uses sticky notes.

I was trying to make up names, so there is a note card for that. I was thinking of strengths and weaknesses for my new character, there is a note card for that. I may have even created a whole new species of supernatural beings, so there is a note card on that. NOTE CARDS EVERYWHERE!

I even went as far as to getting a little note card box and filing these cards into the proper category.

I may just like doing research now!

Of course, there is so much more research to do, but I have found a research method that works for me. I eventually have to make a trip to the library and hope I can find what I am looking for there. I will probably make a list of things I need to find there on a note card…come on! They are easy to carry and to keep organized. I may even try to use the note cards to write my novel.

What is your research method?



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