500 Writing Prompts

As much as I love Pin-it Saturday, I have found myself getting a little bored with it. So, since I bought this nifty new book I thought I would share a writing prompt every other week. It’s not like the writing prompts that I use for my short stories. It’s more of a personal kind of writing prompt, the kind that you would be given in school.

500 writing prompts

They are all fun and encourage a little deeper thinking. Unlike my writing prompts that I use for short stories, my mind isn’t instantly filled with what I could write. I may have a hard time writing down things about myself. lol

Moving on. I choose one for today that I though would be a little funny.

“What is the funniest prank you have ever played on someone? If you haven’t, then design a prank that would make you laugh non-stop.”

Okay, this is kind of mean, but I still get into fits of laughter when I think about it. When I was younger, about 14 I think, I asked my brother to help me with something. I had a sleeping bag, and I needed to roll it up.

So, being the awesome, trusting, brother that he is, my brother came to help. I told him to stand on the end of the sleeping bag so I could roll it up tighter. I started rolling, the stopped and yanked the sleeping bag out from under him.

Now, you know that most sleeping bags are silky and very slippery. When I yanked the sleeping bag out from under him, it caused my brothers feet to fly up over his head and he landed on his butt.

I was laughing so hard and my mom, who tried so hard not to, was laughing too. My brother on the other hand, had this little crushed look in his eyes. I had betrayed his trust in me. But it was so worth the laugh.

Even to this day I can’t tell the story without laughing. I am so terribly sorry, little brother!

I’m not a prankster and I don’t like setting up pranks. This was probably the only good one I have ever done. The rest of my pranks are jumping out at people when they least expect it.

Let’s here your story!



3 thoughts on “500 Writing Prompts

  1. tj6james6 says:

    I don’t play pranks but my brother used to, as did my dad.
    I was still in a crib, barely home from the hospital. I cried during the night so Mom got up to tend to me. She was gone a little longer than Dad thought she should have been so he got up to check on us.
    Mom was standing at the crib looking down at me; she didn’t hear dad come in. When he realized it he slid his foot between hers from behind. She fainted dead away, lol. He never snuck up on her like that again.
    My brother, the ever loving prankster and all around PITA. In the house we used to live in there was a little alcove by the front door where people could sit to take off snowy boots. You had to turn your head a little to see it so my brother thought he’d get dad when he got home from work one night. He squatted down on the little bench there (he couldn’t have been more than 8 at the time) and lunged at dad and hollered ‘boo!” as soon as dad opened the door.
    Needless to say dad yelled, lol.
    The story’s not done yet.
    My brother, being the brilliant 8 year old he was, thought he would scare dad again the next night in the same way. Dad knew he would try it, since my brother was such a brilliant child, and determined he would be gotten.
    *snicker* Mom called hi from the kitchen, distracting dad at the crucial moment. Yup, got him again.
    Last one. I used to love reading horror stories, especially Stephen King. I was laying in bed reading Salem’s Lot, obviously I was in my teens, when Dad thought he’d try to be funny. He crawled along the hallway. I was absorbed in my book so didn’t pay much attention to the squeaking floorboards since the bathroom was within sight of my bedroom. When he got to my door he lunged, hollered and hit the floor with his hand. I screamed, threw my book at him and never did finish Salem’s Lot, lmao. I even had to sleep with a night light for several years because he scared me so bad.

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