Fitness Sunday: Week 20

Fitness Sunday

Hello Nerds!

I am disappointed in myself more than anything. I have let myself down. I started a challenge Tuesday and have already missed two days of the challenge. Instead of going back, I am just picking it up the following day. So instead of slowly working my way up to 70 or so squats, I am jumping around.

I am going to crack down on myself this week. And the next. Until my birthday. Until I leave for the beach I am cutting out sweets, bread, and anything that I know is not healthy for my body. I will not eat past 8, which is going to be super hard to do seeing as I work at night and don’t get home until 10. If I have to get something after 8 it will be something healthy, like fruits or vegetables. Of course, I have heard that fruits are bad that late at night too. I guess I need to do a little research.

I am only drinking water from now until I go on vacation. I want to see, after cutting all of this out, how much better my body will be. I have 4 weeks before vacation. If I could lose 5 pounds a week, I would be right on schedule for losing the weight I wanted to lose by then. Maybe by cutting out all the junk food I can reach this goal. Fingers crossed.

I just have to keep reminding myself how crappy I feel after I have had something I knew I shouldn’t have. I have to remind myself of the pain in my side I get when I have too much sugar or fried foods. I also have to keep reminding myself how my ankle feels 100 times better when I drink the proper amount of water everyday.

I just have to be better to myself. Losing weight is only partly to look better in my clothes. The biggest focus is being healthy and extending my life. I want to be happy with the way I look AND feel. I have to stop losing focus or shrugging my shoulders when I see something I want. I have to learn to turn away and keep fighting the good fight.



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