Little Pluto


Hello Nerds!

I realize that Pluto is everywhere right now. And I support this message. ^_^

For as long as I can remember I have told people that I was from Pluto. I have told them that I was a princess from Pluto and I would one day go back home. Then…Earth decided to pick on Pluto and tell the poor little guy that it wasn’t a planet anymore.

Earth can be so cruel! Dear Earth, pick on someone your own size!

I told people that Pluto would not take kindly to this. But Earth was right. Pluto wasn’t a planet, it was a spaceship, waiting to pick up it’s princess…me! It’s okay Pluto, I still love you!

See, Pluto, what you think is a planet, is just a ship from a galaxy that Earth has yet to discover called Pluto. At least, that is what we call it now, we liked the name.

This is also why I am so immature. On Pluto, 30 is still very young. To them I am still a teenager and will be for a long time yet. So all you little earthlings calling me immature, I’m more mature than your teenagers, so ha!

Now there is talks that Pluto may actually be considered a planet again. As the princess of Pluto, we thank you for the consideration and hope that you come to the proper conclusion. We are a very important “planet.”

That said, how exciting is it that we now have new pictures of Pluto and how the internet is blowing up with things about Pluto?

Also, I love this little cartoon about Pluto!!

Don’t worry, Pluto. We will be back, I’m sure. And I will always love you! I will always be loyal…

How do you feel about Pluto?


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