Writing Prompt: 5-3 Peeping Tom

July Prompt Challenge

I am going to be honest, this might be one of the most disturbing stories I have ever written. I wasn’t even sure I was going to share it…but here it is. Enjoy!

July Prompt

5 Nerd Girl Rating

5-3 Peeping Tom

I watched her every night as you danced in front of your mirror before bed. I watched when she did her morning workout. I watched her get dressed, undress, do her makeup. I watched her cry when her boyfriend dumped her. I have always been here, waiting for her to need me. I have been waiting for her to fall in love with me. But that was a silly thought. How can you love someone that you don’t even know is there?

That was when I started knocking. Every night before she would fall asleep, I would knock. Silly her, she always went to look out the window. I knew she would get it one day, she would hear where the knock really came from. But I wait such a long time for her to hear. The night she came home crying because her boyfriend dumped her; that was when I had to make yher see.

I knocked several times through the night until she finally heard it from the mirror, from me. I was so happy when she noticed. I knocked twice to say hello. She panicked and ran out of the room, but she came back a few minutes later. I knocked lightly when she came back and almost laughed when she came closer.

“Who is there?” You had asked. I couldn’t talk to her, the mirror kept me from talking to her. So I just knocked three times. I didn’t have a name, but she gave me one. She started calling me Leon. I loved the name as much as I loved her. I had never had a name, not in the hundreds of years I have been around. I am a trickster though. I have tricked many beautiful woman to doing things for me, selling their souls to give me what I want. But I didn’t want her to do that for me. I wanted yher to love me. I wanted it to be a real love this time.

“Leon.” She said one morning. “Are you there?” I’m always here. I knock once for yes. We had created a game where she would ask me questions. I would knock once for yes, twice for no, three times if I could not answer.

“Are you a fairy?” I knock twice. “Are you an angel?” I knock twice. “Are you evil?” I knock three times. How can I answer that? The things I have done in the past, she would consider them evil. “Are you here to hurt me?” I knock once. I could never hurt her. She was so beautiful, how could I hurt her?

Days, months, years passed by. Some days she would sit in front of me and talk all day. She didn’t want answers, she just wanted to talk. I became like a diary to her and it made me so happy. We moved several times and she always took me with her. I was there for the tears and laughter. I was there for everything. She would tell me about her whole day and all of her dreams.

“Can you ever leave the mirror?” I knock twice. “Are you just a mirror?” I knock twice. “Were you trapped in the mirror?” I knock once. I was trapped by my own self in this mirror. “Can I help you escape?” I knock three times. I don’t know if anyone can help me. Maybe it would be this girl that would help me. She tried for years to find some way to help free me. She searched through all the mythical stories. She would search for hours on the internet, sitting in front of me asking questions. Soon, she lost hope.

“I’m so sorry, Leon.” She said to me. If I could cry, I would have. She cried for me and hugged the mirror that had entrapped me.

The day that I had dreaded come so quickly. This beautiful girl I had come to love me, the girl I had loved for so long, had grown old. Because of me, she grew old alone. I was the only one to see it, to watch her take her last breath. She sat in front of me, gasping and crying. I wanted nothing more than to reach out to her, to call for help. But because of my own stupidity I was trapped in a mirror. Because I had wanted to be a dirty boy and watch women undress in their rooms, I was stuck in this prison while the girl I loved died in front of me.

I watched her claw at her chest as she lay down on the floor in front of me. “Leon.” She whispered. “I love you, Leon.” She said. I watched so closely, knocking on the mirror, trying to break it, trying to break free. I yelled and screamed, but no one could hear me. Her eyes fluttered and closed. She was gone. The last breath escaped her body. She had lived a lonely life, because of me. Her free time spent with me. She never left me behind, until now.

I knocked on the mirror, trying to touch her, feel her. But I was still trapped, staring at a body of the girl I loved, crumpled on the floor. Two days passed before anyone found her. Two days I spent staring at her, never giving up trying to crack the mirror, trying to escape. It was when she was found that I saw her soul. With the touch of another human it released from her corpse and paused in front of the mirror.

“You will be free now too.” She whispered with a smile. “I finally figured out how to release you.” She touched the mirror and it fell, shattering into a million pieces. But I was still captured in the mirror. Horror flashed on her ghostly face. “I was sure that would work.” She said as a tear streamed down her face. I had cursed myself and not even love could release me. “I’m sorry, Leon.” She said as her soul disappeared.

Now I am trapped with her body. The only shard of the mirror that is left is the one that had fallen into her hand. The rest of the mirror that had been my prison had been ground down, it no longer existed. My prisoner was smaller now, and my view was of the girl I had loved, decomposing in her casket. The fate of a peeping Tom.

Plus Mustache

Did this disturb you? Let me know what you thought in the comments.



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