Writing Prompt 5-2: The Knocking Game

July Prompt Challenge

July Prompt

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5-2 The Knocking Game

I remember once, when I was a child, I heard a knocking from within my room. At first, terrified, I looked out the window, thinking someone was watching me. I always felt like someone was watching me. Then, while at the window, I heard the knocking again, and that was when I realized it came from the mirror. Like any child, I ran to my mother’s room and slept in her bed. I slept in her bed for a week, telling her that something knocked on my window. She always told me it was my imagination, I was asleep when I heard it, nothing could possibly knock on my mirror.

After a week, my mother took my mirror out of my room, she wanted her bed back. I didn’t hear the knock anymore. On my 15th birthday, I moved the mirror back into my room, convincing my mother that she was right and I was no longer afraid of the floor length mirror. What I didn’t tell her is that I had planned on knocking back now. I was a teenager, bored, looking for adventure. Every night before I turn off the lights, I would knock on the mirror, hoping it would knock back. It never did.

I knocked every night until I was 21. Then it just didn’t seem to matter anymore. I stopped knocking, but some nights I would lay awake, staring at the reflective glass, hoping something was there, something was watching me. As an adult, I felt alone and forgotten. I just wanted someone to be there with me, I wanted something to knock on my mirror. I was starting to think it was just a product of a child’s overactive imagination. Maybe my mother was right and I had made up the whole thing.

On my 30th birthday, it happened again. I was living alone, the mirror still had its home in my bedroom. I hadn’t even thought of the knocking on the mirror in years. Something woke me from my sleep, something that sounded like a knock. Just as I did as a child, I made my way across my room and opened the curtain to stare out into the darkness. Nothing was there, no shadows, no birds or animals of any sort. As I made my way back to my bed I heard the knock again. Goosebumps ran across my skin and blood rushed from my face. I stumbled as the room began to spin. Fear had captured me, held me in place, but only for a second. I had spent years trying to hear the knock again and it was finally back. I turned to the mirror and watched it.

The mirror rocked as another knock rang through the room. I could see distortion in the middle of the mirror, where the knocking came from, the same spot I had knocked on for so many years. My fear turned to curiosity and I moved closer to the mirror, hoping the knocking would continue.

It did. Every step that brought me closer, also gave me another knock. I was in front of the mirror, reaching out to touch it. My hand pressed against the cold glass and I felt the vibration of the knock as it came once again. Then, the glass warmed, but not to my touch. There was something on the other side. Another body, another person. I pulled my hand away and peeked around the back of the mirror, but there was nothing there. The knock came again, quicker this time, almost begging for me to return in front of the mirror.

I returned to stand in front of the mirror and almost jumped back when the face appeared. It wasn’t evil, that much I knew. Whatever had been living in my mirror was not out to harm me. I stared at the face as the rest of its body materialized. A smile cracked his face. I wanted to turn on the light, but I was afraid he would disappear if I did.

I took in his pale blue skin, his bright silver eyes, and his long cobalt hair. His jaw line was strong and defined and his lips were only a shade darker than his skin. He had broad shoulders, and even through the mirror I could tell he was maybe 6 foot tall, though, I couldn’t see the rest of him. I stared, baffled at this blue skinned man, staring at me through the mirror. He waved and stuck out his hand. I watched as the hand came out of the mirror, instinctively I took his hand and gasped. There was nothing to fear, I knew him.

My time on earth was over. I had studied all I needed to study and it was time to go back, time to go home. Through the mirror, the portal back home.

Plus Mustache

I do hope you enjoyed this weeks prompt challenge. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.



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