Fitness Sunday: Week 18

Fitness Sunday

This week has not been good. It started out good. My weight stayed down for most of the week. Then it all fell apart. I don’t know if it’s stress or what, but my weight went back up. I haven’t been working out which is bad. I was supposed to start working out everyday starting Wednesday, but that didn’t happen.

I have no extravagant plans for this week other than making sure I work out and paying better attention to what I am eating.

I am getting down to the wire here. I have a goal for my birthday. I have a goal for Halloween and Christmas and New Years day. I want to be at my overall goal before New Years day. But my first goal is on August 21st. If I miss this goal all the other goals are going to be that much harder to hit.

I just have to buckle down and get on it. I have to eat better and work out. I could cut out all my favorite things and then slowly reintroduce them once I get to my final destination. But that will only make me crave it all more.

I just have to stop letting life get to me and start doing better with my health. I will be at my goal by my birthday. There is no option for this, it’s a must, mandatory.

How is your fitness going?



3 thoughts on “Fitness Sunday: Week 18

  1. KimberlyRose says:

    I totally know how you feel! My weight went back up at the end of this week too because of the Fourth. But don’t let that get you down! Trust yourself and know that you will reach your goal. Good luck!

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