Hello July!

Hello July

Wow…June went by so fast! I can’t believe how fast it went. Let me take a look back at the books I read last month.

I’m actually shocked, I managed to read 7 books this month. Last month I read 8 so I am only one less than last month. And I think that has to do with a few of them last month being a tad shorter.

July Books

My favorite was The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black. I am still reeling over how much I loved that book. As soon as I get a chance I am totally re-reading it. I didn’t actually read The Eternity Cure by Julie Kagawa, I actually listened to it. But it still counts.

I didn’t do much writing in June other than the short stories. Which I still wrote 4 and I can’t believe I am still keeping up with it. If you missed it you can check out all of the writing prompts up until now HERE.

Also, in case you missed it, July’s writing prompt is this…

July Prompt

Creepy? Exciting? A little bit of both? I can’t wait to write more stories with this prompt.

I have a few goals for this month. So…since I have avoided list for a while, here you go, a list of goals for this month, though a short list.

  1. I want to read 7 more books this month though, 8 would be better
  2. I will post a blog everyday. Which I did this past month and I have seen an increase in followers. Yay!
  3. Do a little more writing or editing. Whatever I need to do to work on novels. I really need to get back to my novels.
  4. Read more blogs. I want to find more bloggers that I enjoy reading. I want to find more bloggers that write or read as much as I do. There is a whole community of people out there that I am missing out on.
  5. Get a few more movie reviews into my blog. I have been slacking recently.
  6. Post a book review a week. This should be easy, since I have so many books to review right now. I like doing them and getting my thoughts on the books I read out to the world. I don’t care if you like reading reviews or not, I am a very opinionated person and I must share my opinions!

That is all I got. This should be a great month of things. And let’s not forget that we have another author interview this month. I can’t wait, though it may come later in the month than the other interviews. I still haven’t finished the book nor interviewed the author. I kind of let June get away from me…

Do you have any plans for this month?



One thought on “Hello July!

  1. tj6james6 says:

    I have a suggestion: networking.
    You said you want to blog every day and that it is bringing in more readers, if you aren’t already.
    One way to bring in more readers is to link your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, G+ and other accounts to your WordPress.
    Use the edit function under Publicize to use hashtags and direct messages to target audiences and specific people. You still only have a 140 character count for this though.
    It’s not difficult and I do have a ‘how to’ on my site although I think I need to redo and republish it since WordPress has made changes I do not like to their settings page :(.
    Hope this helps.

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