Fitness Sunday: Week 17

Fitness Sunday

This week has been pretty fantastic! I have actually lost a few pounds. Though, I got so frustrated that I stopped writing it down and I am not sure where I started out this week. All I know is that I have 19 pounds to go to reach my August goal. I only have about 6 weeks before my birthday (OMG!) but I think I can lose 19 pounds before then. It’s only about 3 pounds a week. If I really buckle down and do this thing, I think I can do it!

Nothing much is going to change from last week to this week. I will continue to have my parfait for breakfast, or overnight oatmeal. Have you ever tried overnight oatmeal? It’s pretty yummy! You can see a blog about it HERE. For mine I usually just do oats, almond milk, a little bit of brown sugar, cinnamon, walnuts (or almonds), and powdered peanut butter. I feel like the powdered peanut butter helps keep it from being too mushy. The mushyness bothers me a bit.

For lunch this week I am doing a salad with deli meat and cheese. The meat is buffalo style chicken breast and the cheese is extra sharp cheddar. The dressing that I will use is some vidalia onion stuff…

IMG_2750I got the regular and the lite…I don’t always like the light stuff, so I will try it first and I have the regular for back up. The original taste really good. I usually use ranch on my salad, but it has been so hot at work that I don’t dare put some kind of heavy dairy product on my tummy for lunch. I should actually reconsider the parfait for breakfast to be honest, but it’s just so good!

Anyways, here are the nutrition facts for the salad dressing…



Probably not much healthier than ranch dressing. But again, the only reason I am not using ranch is because of the dairy.

I have my usual grapes for fruit. I was going to by bananas but I always let them go bad…I really like them, I just forget that I have them and once I have eaten grapes I don’t really  desire any more fruit.

And of course, some dark chocolate for those days when I just need a piece of chocolate…which is like everyday.

I also found this on Pinterest:

Great way to track weight loss goals

And I kind of want to do something like this in my agenda. It will require me to sit down and figure out what my goals are and think of some kind of reward for myself. Though, the only reward I can really think of right now is more books…and if you follow my blog you know I have plenty of those right now and there is no way I am letting weight loss determine if I will buy a new book or not.

I will share what I come up with next week. Until then…how is your fitness life going?



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