My Other Obsession

I have always adored the Japanese culture. The fact that they have so many traditions that are older than US history. It amazes me how they have things that have been around for so long. And then there are the anime shows that I love so much. There are the cute little characters and rice and chopsticks and…

There seems to be so much beauty. I’m just fascinated by it all. Except for one thing.

Their homes are so small! I watch so many Japanese apartment tours and I find myself grateful for the small house I live in. Compared to what the Japanese are living it…my home is perfect!

That is a kitchen!! It’s so small and crowded. I get claustrophobic just looking at it.

But I still love Japan and all the beautiful things that I see there. I want to speak Japanese and visit one day. My obsession started with Tokyo. I have always seen it as this place that was just alive and bright and colorful at all hours. I could be completely wrong and have seen too many movies…but no matter what, you can’t take my desire to visit away.

For some reason I see Japan as the beautiful place, full of history, full of adventure, and full of magic. I can’t be completely wrong right?

And this is a short post. I am tired and I had no idea what I was going to post about today. So I spent an hour or so on YouTube watching Japanese apartment tours. I was going to write a few post yesterday, my day off, but I was called into work. The life of a manager. So this is what you get today. 🙂



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