Writing Prompt 4-3: Escaping Reality

June Prompt Challenge

This week has been a stressful week…so I went to writing as a way to escape. This story may not be the best, but it is one of those things that happens when all you want to do is escape reality.

June Prompt


4-3 Escaping Reality

Kaylana was headed into work again. She always enjoyed the drive to work, she was able to listen to a book and it kept her from worrying so much about work. This week had been challenging because of the store manager out on vacation. It was like a sign for the district manager to make his appearance and bark out orders on top of the orders the store manager had left.

Kaylana was stressed beyond her usual limits and all she wanted to do was hide under a rock. The week was only half over and everything had gone wrong so far. Employees didn’t show up to work, other employees refused to help when help was needed. Truck was an entire day late and when it finally came, Kaylana spent 13 hours in the store. She was tired and she was ready for the whole week to be over.

“I’m here.” Kaylana told the other manager, Amelia, as she walked through the door. She sat her things in the office and got to work.

“Everything that needed to be done this morning was finished.” Amelia said. “All you really need to do tonight is clean up. And don’t forget to vacuum.”

“That’s good to hear.” Kaylana said, feeling a headache starting.

“Shirley will not be in tomorrow and I can’t find anyone to cover her shift.” There it was. Kaylana was waiting for the bad news.

“Not even Evan will come in?”

“He is already working and is getting close to 40 hours. We can’t bring him in any earlier.”

“I guess I will be in to help then.” Kaylana said, sighing. Tomorrow was supposed to be her only day off this week. She was looking forward to a whole day to herself. Not just that, but she had plans to go to the bookstore too…not that she really needed anymore books.

Amelia left a few minutes later and Kaylana started cleaning the store. When she went to the closet to pull out the vacuum she stopped in the doorway. “What?” She said quietly. Where there was once a supply closet, was now empty with another door at the back of the closet. Kaylana opened the door and peered down the stairs. Curiosity got the better of her as she began to descend the steps. Her steps echoed against the walls. Once she reached the bottom of the stairs she looked up, just in time to see the door slam shut. “Hey!” She cried out. She started to run up the stairs but tripped as the stairs disappeared.

“It’s about time you made it here.” A smooth voice said from behind her. She whirled around and stared up at the tall man. She first noticed his long curly blonde hair. She always had a thing for guys with long hair. Then she locked eyes with him and the world seemed to spin around her. Her heart was beating fast in her chest. His eyes were icy blue, kind, and annoyed.

“Who are you?” She asked, breathless.

“You usually call me Kaiser.” He said with a smile. “But today you can call me King.”

“Huh?” She asked, dazed at his perfect smile. She took a moment to take in his clothing, the kind of clothing you would see on a prince or a king, including a cape.

“How long where you over there?” He asked, taking Kaylana’s hand in his. She only stared at his hand holding her hand, hoping he didn’t feel the sweat or feel her racing heart. She wouldn’t deny that this man was gorgeous, but he was also a stranger. He was a stranger…right?


“I see that you have lost the ability to form a sentence.” He laughed.

“Where am I and who are you?”

“I told you not to go through that portal. I knew this would happen.” His brows furrowed in worry. “I am Kaiser, your fiancé.”

“Right, and I am a Queen.” Kaylana joked.

“Oh good, you are starting to remember.”

“Wait, what?” Kaylana stared at him, holding his gaze. Those eyes were so familiar, so inviting. She wasn’t complaining if he was her fiancé, because he was beyond anything thing she ever could have imagined.

“Kaylana, I am going to need you to come back to me.” He said, cupping her cheek and leaning down, touching his lips to hers. She gasped to pull away but stopped as the memories flooded back. She sighed and pulled away from him, smiling.

“What a horrible place I was in.” She cried as she wrapped her arms around him. “I had to work so hard to earn such little money. This week was the worst.” She clung to him as the tears slid down her cheeks.

“I have been trying to set up a new portal for you. But every time I set one up, some stranger always found it.”

“Did you send them back?” Kaylana asked quickly.

“No.” He said pulling her from his chest. “I could feel their misery, I couldn’t send them back to a place where there was so much pain.”

“Good.” Kaylana said with deep breath. “It’s such a crazy place there. The poor stay poor and the rich only become richer.” She stared up at Kaiser and he wiped away her tears. “I will never walk through another portal. I need to save a few more people though. My host family.” She said.

“I have already sent for them.” Kaiser stated proudly. “It is so wonderful to have you back, my queen.”

5 Nerd Girl Rating

I hope you enjoyed. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.



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