Oh…It’s Monday.

I do hope that your Monday is going far better than mine. I was going to do a late post today and it was going to be about my blogging outfit…what I wear while writing blogs. I will share that with you tomorrow because today, I am stuck at work all day. Blarg.

I thought, since I can’t do a proper blog because of my current position, I would help chase away the Monday blues with a few pictures to cheer you up. I can’t even write my usual “What are you reading?” post. Though, feel free to share what you are reading or what books you read last week. I finally read the Perks of Being a Wallflower. Good book and pretty good movie.

So, this first picture is just an example of how I vacuum at work…prepare yourselves.

Yep…barefoot and non matching socks. 

For the ladies…I found this on Facebook and it is now my screen saver on my phone. Don’t freak, I will link to the original photo when I can get to my computer again.


And for everyone here is a little inspiration. 



I hope you all have a wonderful day. Tomorrow we will be back to our regularly scheduled post.



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