Importance of Social Media

Social Media

As you know I have been interviewing indie authors once a month. I have had so much fun getting into the minds of these authors and finding out all the things I feel like readers would want to know. And maybe a few things I am just super nosy about.

I have started to notice a slight trend with a few of the authors though, they don’t use a lot of social media! Which, is super crazy because it’s so easy to use now. It takes maybe 10 minutes to set up a Facebook page, 2 seconds to start a twitter, and we will go with about 5 minutes to set up Instagram. Also, there are a bunch of articles all over the internet showing you how to start a blog in 10 minutes.

We have the world at our fingertips! It has not always been this easy. That is why the indie industry is growing so rapidly. Authors do not have to pay and arm and a leg just to get a little recognition. You just start up a Facebook or Twitter and make sure to use proper hashtags and you are in.

There are so many advantages to having this platform as well. You give your readers somewhere to know more about you. You give them a place to come when they want to know about your next book or what you are working on. Humans are nosy people and we want to know everything about one another. We especially want to know all about the people we admire!

If you are not using social media to spread the word of your own work, you are just doing it all wrong. This is your free way to connect with your readers, to get your name out there. I don’t even know how we sold anything with out the internet! And wouldn’t you rather start something now that can grow instead of waiting until fame sweeps you away and someone steals your domain name, or rather, the domain you would use?

Part of being an indie author is knowing how to get your work to the public. You have to be your own PR and what better way to promote your work than places that are open to the public and free to you. Given all the money you will be shelling out for your work anyways, no need to fork over more money for advertisement.

There are other platforms that can be used, so many places to put your name. Chances are, the more you are out in the internet world, the more people are going to see the novel you have worked so hard on.

Did I leave out any social media that you think is helpful? Let me know in the comments.



2 thoughts on “Importance of Social Media

  1. Jonas Lee says:

    Nice post, Heather! I think you hit the biggies, but things like Goodreads is as much social as beneficial. Also, people can find me out on Pinterest. I know a few authors who post pics, inspirational ideas from their books and such.

    • Heather M. says:

      Goodreads completely slipped my mind while writing this post! And I never would have thought about Pinterest, though I spend more time there than any other website. lol

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