Prompt Challenge 3-4: Moving In

May Prompt Challenge

Time for another prompt story. I like this one. I am sad that this is the last week with this prompt though. I have had so much fun with it and there are so many other stories that can be told with it. I kind of stuck with the horror genre for all of them. I couldn’t help myself.

Friday I will announce next months writing prompt. I hope it’s as fun as this months!



3-4 Moving IN

Violet watches through the window as the rain tap, tap, taps against the window. She has been sitting in her kitchen all day, too tired to do much of anything, too tired to even change out of her pajamas. She didn’t care. She didn’t care at all.

She had worked so hard the past few days, she deserved a moment at the window, watching the rain and drinking her coffee. Today was her day of rest and she was going to rest. She started the day off in bed, just laying there, listening to the rain. It had picked a good day to rain.

The house was quiet, just her and silence. And of course, the boxes that she had yet to unpack. There wasn’t too many left now. Her bedroom was set up and ready, as was her office. The kitchen would be tomorrow. She had all the basics set out. She had to finish everything by Friday, just three days away. Her sister was coming to see her, check up on her. After all, she wasn’t like she left on good terms.

Violet had been in a long term relationship with Jack since middle school. They were the prom king and queen two years in a row. They had gone to the same college and eventually moved in together. They had the relationship of the ages, until Jack messed it all up.

Jack had gone a little crazy when Violet started looking for a job. She had finished college and was ready to start on her career. Jack wanted to get married and have a family right away. He wanted Violet to stay home with babies, to be the perfect wife. But she didn’t want that. She wanted to work hard, have something to call her own. Her parents wanted that as well and they stood by her side through the whole thing.

It happened so fast that she didn’t have time to save them. Jack insisted she invite her parents over for dinner. They had them over all the time, so it wasn’t odd that he make the request. Her parents came over, and Violet’s mom even helped prepare dinner. As they all sat down for dinner, Jack stood and told them that he had a huge announcement to make. Violet had no idea what it was but she waited patiently for him to tell them. That was when he took out the gun and shot her father between the eyes. Two seconds later, he put a matching bullet in her mother. Violet screamed and ran from the dining room and into the kitchen, grabbing for the phone.

It was no use. He had cut the phone lines. He was already in the kitchen, staring at her with his smile that used to make her weak at the knees. Now it just made her weak at the stomach and she spewed the contents of her stomach. He snarled at her, telling her what a horrible house keeper she was, throwing a towel at her, making her clean up her mess.

She blacked out from fear and woke up in her basement, right beside her parents with the matching bullet holes. Violet raced up the stairs and slammed open the basement door. She hadn’t expected the door to be unlocked. Jack had done it on purpose. He was sitting in the living room, waiting for her. She grabbed a knife from the kitchen and made her way behind him.

“It won’t do any good.” He said, startling her, causing her to drop the knife. She scrambled to pick it up again as Jack stood from his seat. He slowly turned to look at her, his smile had grown wider, sicker, like a devil had taken over his body. “You can’t kill me.”

“So stand there and let me stab you.” She said. Her voice calm and smooth. Jack had always been so kind, so humble, so loving. She didn’t know who this was, what had become of him.

“Okay.” He stood with his arms open, inviting her to stab him. She didn’t make it that far before another gun shot rang in her ears. She screamed, not sure where the sound came from, terrified that she had been shot. She watched as blood dripped down Jack’s forehead. He dropped to his knees and a tear slid down his face.

Violet turned to see her sister standing behind her. The gun still pointed towards Jack. “Sorry, I couldn’t get her sooner.” Violet wrapped her arms around her sisters neck and cried.

“Why does this always happen to me?” Violet asked. “I liked those parents. They were so sweet and so easy to brain wash.”

“Because you are attracted to the psychos.” He sister brushed her hair. “You have always wanted the bad boy so that you can warp him, make him your slave. But you are too soft, little sister. You have to toughen up, or pick the good guys.”

“Don’t make me shudder.” Violet said, pulling away from her sister. She picked up Jacks feet and dragged him to the top of the basement stairs, dropping him down. “Fire?” she asked her sister.

“It’s always the best way.”

“Let’s go.” Violet snapped her fingers as they exited the house. The house exploded into a roaring fire lighting up the night sky.

“There was a moving van in my neighborhood today.”

“Is the house as nice as yours?” Violet smiled.

“Of course, all the houses are nice. I think this one might be a little bigger.”

“Let’s check it out.”

Violet moved in the next day, setting the bodies of the old owners on fire and burying the ashes in the back yard. She had to burn all the pictures with them. They looked like they had been a happy couple, but she liked their house, she needed it. So she took it. Not to mention there was a nice guy that lived across the street. He asked Violet what happened to the family he saw the day before. She told him they were friends that were just moving in her stuff for her.

It was a fresh start. Maybe this time she wouldn’t have to kill the cute guy.

pagebreakI do hope you enjoyed the story and the stories of this month. Let me know what you think in the comments. 🙂



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