Fitness Sunday: Week 12

Fitness Sunday

Good news, I haven’t gained any weight.

Bad news, I haven’t lost any either.

It’s frustrating, especially since I have been working so hard at work. And I work a lot, trust me. The AC at work isn’t working so well either, so I do a lot of sweating too. And this is probably the only reason I haven’t gained any weight.

My mom and I were talking yesterday and we both want to lose 20 pounds before heading to the beach in August. Our hope is to go to the beach for an entire week and I’m really hoping it happens!

In order to lose 20 pounds by them I am making a few changes. The first of which is I am cutting out candy for good. No more candy until August. I am hoping that by then I will have lost the craving I have to sweets and I won’t want it anymore. And besides, it just until August. It’s not like I will never know the taste of a Butterfinger ever again. Though, that is how it is with soda. At this point, I am considering that I will never know the taste of Dr. Pepper ever again.

The second change I am making is that I will no longer eat fast food. This is something that I hope carries beyond August, though on our trip to the beach I may have to pause this task. Then again, by August I may have learned a few tricks on how to avoid fast food while on long trips as well.

Another change that I would like to make is eating processed foods. This is going to be a little harder because of the fact that I don’t have the money to buy everything fresh. Don’t tell me that it’s affordable to eat healthy, I know this. I know what I can afford. But when it comes to buying everything fresh and making it all yourself, well, there are time and money constraints on that. So, this goal will be more to cut down on processed foods rather than cutting them out completely.

The last change that I will be making is I will make sure to work out everyday. At first I will start with 10 to 20 minutes of something, anything, that is not sitting or laying down. This is to see how far I can push my ankle before it starts hurting more. I don’t want to be in pain all the time, but I have a small suspicion that if I lose weight, my ankle may heal faster.

That is all I have for this week. I am going into this new week with new ideas and new determination. As well as a reachable goal.

What are your fitness goals for this week?



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