Pin-It Saturday: The Wheel of Feels

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Okay, I found this the other day on Pinterest and I actually love it. You can see the original post HERE.

It’s so perfect for writers. I can’t tell you how many times I have come across an issue with my characters where angry, scared, or happy just doesn’t cut it. And of course this leads me to do what my favorite author suggest you don’t do in writing; I look up the word in a thesaurus.

While I agree to this most times, usually looking up words in a thesaurus leads to words that just seem out of place in your novel, when it comes to emotion I just have to go searching. I don’t search because I am at a loss for words, but the word that I want isn’t coming to the front of my brain. It is like the quiet child sitting in the back of the room trying to hide behind the other students so you don’t call on him to answer the question.

But the Wheel of Feels (because that is a catchy name) is perfect for this. Sometimes in the heat of writing you just forget about certain words and emotions. Sometimes you just need a little reminder.

When I have an actually office, I am going to have a wall full of things like this. I think seeing a list of emotions also helps with the writing process. What do you think?

Do you have any special tools to help when you are writing?


2 thoughts on “Pin-It Saturday: The Wheel of Feels

  1. dianasadventures says:

    What a great post !! As a marketer I always have trouble finding descriptive words. I bought the book “words that sell” to help me as my little thesaurus but so far it hasn’t helped enough. I’ll have to check this out !

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