Give it Another Go

Up until last year I wouldn’t re-read a book. I had too many books to read and I didn’t want to waste time on books I had already read once.

One of my favorite authors, Kim Harrison, decided to host a read-a-long for her series The Hollows. A new book was coming out and we all needed a refresher course for the series. So, I read along.

That is when I realized how much fun it can be to re-read a novel. Not only do you get to live through the story again, but you find things you didn’t see before and you learn of the things you forgot. In some ways, it’s like reading the story for the first time again.

This read-a-long started a new love. A love for going back and reading books that I loved the first time. Of course, I am now re-reading books that have another book in the series that I didn’t know about or just haven’t gotten to read it yet. If it has been more than a year since I read the first book, chances are I have forgotten some of the more important aspects of the book.

I just recently read Cinder again and loved it. The other night I finished reading The 5th Wave again. I have so many books now that I want to re-read and it’s only adding to my ever growing TBR pile.

There just are not enough hours in the day to get through all the books I want to read. Readers have a hard life…we have to live among the humans, when all we want to do is hide in a book.

Before I would have told you it was a waste of time to re-read a book. Now I will tell you that maybe it’s important to re-read a book. Who knows what you missed. I still haven’t found a book that I could read over and over again. Though, I know that day is coming. I know that I will find my favorite book, it will be the book that stays close in case I just don’t feel like reading anything else.

Tell me, do you re-read books? Do you have a favorite book that you have read more than twice?



5 thoughts on “Give it Another Go

  1. therobotdrummer says:

    I very rarely reread novels, maybe some classics like Catcher in the Rye or Sun Also Rises. But I do reread short stories and non-fiction. Short stories because it doesn’t take much time, so I don’t feel anxious that I’m missing out on other books. And non-fiction (especially instructional stuff, like how-to-be-a-better writer books) because I’m often actively trying to learn something by reading them.

    • Heather M. says:

      I can’t re-read instructional books. lol It may make me sound dumb or something, but I just get so board. I don’t read too many instructional books actually. I read a self-help book once…well, most of it. I just couldn’t find the entertainment value in it. If it’s to learn something it has to be short and sweet.

  2. Rachel says:

    I re-read books. It’s like watching a movie; there are so many things that you catch the second time around that you didn’t the first time. A series I love is Warriors by Erin Hunter. The first book came out when I was 11-years-old and that’s when I started reading it. Last year I started reading the series from start to finish again (because I stopped reading it halfway through the series after a while… I needed a fresh start) and I got so much more out of the book. I think it’s because I’m older so I understood more of the underlying themes.

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