Prompt Challenge 3-3: The Bringer

May Prompt Challenge

I almost didn’t make it this week. I have been so busy with work. But I got it. My original plan was to write a story under 500 words, but I just can’t limit myself. Once I start writing…It just has a mind of it’s own.



3-3 The Bringer

Is it raining again? I should let the dog in, at least that is what I would have done. What I would have done before. Before my life was ripped away from me. I can’t close my eyes, no sleep for me. Stay awake Evelyn, you can’t fall asleep. You can’t let the demons in, you can’t remember.

Every time I close my eyes I can see them, hear their screams, feel their blood between my fingers. All of them gone, even the dog. Why the dog? They could have let me keep the dog. But they had to take everything.

The coffee isn’t working anymore. Too much coffee, too little sleep. I may pass out soon. Maybe if I pass out my brain won’t have any time to remember. Stop it brain, just stop reminding me. I want to let it all go, forget that it ever happened.

We were a family of misfits. My boyfriend, Lucas, and I. His sister, Stacy, and her boyfriend, Tripp. And the dog, Rufus. We got the shaggy dog with blue eyes after we all moved in together. That night we sat around the television, watching a movie that Stacey and I had picked out. It was one of those cheesy Drew Barrymore movies that we love, “Never Been Kissed.” And that is how Rufus got his name.

But none of that matters now. It’s all gone, all over, they are all dead. The worst of it all, it was all my fault. Though, it has never hurt so bad as it does this time. I spent too much time with them, got to close. I felt love, real love. I know what it feels like now, there is no coming back from that.

It had been so easy before. I make them feel safe and loved. That is my job. Then I leave before they are slaughtered. My job is to give them happiness so that they feel it more when it is all taken from them. I wasn’t supposed to grow so attached. My job is simple. I go in, then leave, moving on to my next assignment. I fix their life before the Reapers crush their souls. It makes for a better demon you know. The more tragic their ending is, the strong demons they are. I just help mold them. Make life perfect before the reaper destroys it all.

I wanted to stop it this time. I wanted to keep them. It’s a sign I have grown weak, according to the Reaper. They say once a Bringer grows weak, they are put out of commission. No more assignments. That is what happened to me. I fought so hard to keep them. I loved Lucas so much. His wispy brown hair and spring grass green eyes. I can feel his breath on my cheek, feel his fingers wrapped around mine. I can hear Stacy’s laugh and Tripp playing the piano. Their ghosts fill the air around me. I can even feel Rufus sitting on my feet under the table. They are all around me.

The Reaper said this was my punishment for fighting back. I would never close my eyes without seeing them. I would never live another moment without remembering their voices and the way they felt. They are trying to drive me crazy with the laughter of my family. They have moved on to their training now. Training for the dead. Training for the damaged. Training for the demons. They will be like me, or they will be Reapers. It depends on how damaged their soul was when they died. I will see them again, working the field. If I ever make it back. As I drink my 10th cup of coffee, something tells me I won’t make it back.

I think I have been sitting here for a while now. The bathrobe is now torn and molding. My bunny slippers, the ones that Rufus chewed up, are crawling with bugs, and my coffee has gone cold. It’s still raining. I am still in the torture world for fighting back, for trying to save my family. Soon I will start remembering the life before this one. I will remember the life that made me a demon, a Bringer. That is where they will break my already shattered soul. That is where I will cry and scream and become too broken for either world. That is when they will lock me in the pit with all the other damaged cargo.

I throw my cup of cold coffee against the wall. The wallpaper is rotting, peeling from the wall. The window is so dusty, you can’t see out. I only know it’s raining from the hole in the ceiling. Decades. I have been sitting here for decades, lost in the horror of my slaughtered family. The second family this organization has taken from me.

I am a Bringer. I bring happiness so that the soul is shattered when it’s all taken from them. That is what they trained me to do. But what they taught me is how to bring pain, how to destroy what others love. I will not stand for this any longer. I will not let them continue this. I am a trained fighter, trained with the highest demons in Hell. I know their weakness. I have no more weaknesses. They have taken everything I ever cared about.

I will destroy them. I will release the shattered souls. I will fix them one by one and we will take down Hell. I will get my family back.

They should have let me keep the dog.


I hope you enjoyed. Leave your thoughts in the comments.


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