Prompt Challenge 3-1: Half Past Crazy

May Prompt Challenge

Oh yeah! It’s that time again. Get ready for this! I think I am going to love this months prompt. It’s just so fun to think about all the stories I could write with this one. Then, I also think how similar they may be. But the first one…I like the first one.




The rain again, it’s always raining. Only, this time the rain is so much more…somber. Maybe it’s just me that is gloomy, my heart hearts and my eyes burn from all the tears. It’s almost as if the sky cries with me.

I haven’t slept in days and I can’t remember the last time I stepped out on to my front porch. I just sit here, in my ratty bathrobe, bunny slippers keeping my feet warm, and the coffee in my hand keeping my hands warm. The heat doesn’t work anymore, so I have to do what I can to keep warm. Though, the master would tell me that my heart is cold and nothing could ever warm me up. I’m starting to believe him now. I miss the master

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Master was supposed to teach me everything I needed to learn, he was supposed to be strong enough, but he failed his own test. Who creates something that is stronger than them? Why would you do that? Why would you create another monster when you know you are not strong enough to teach them? I still need the master and I have no idea what is going to happen to me now.

Why should I even care? No one can blame me when I mess up, it’s the master’s fault. Or is it my fault? All I know is banging my head on the table isn’t going to help and the coffee I keep sipping only makes me sick. What cup am I on now? 3? No, I think it’s 5. It doesn’t matter, it all comes back up anyways.

I do wonder, how long will it take for me to starve to death. Or rather, how long will it be before I lose whatever is left of my mind? Who will I attack when it happens? Maybe the master was just a freak accident. Maybe I didn’t actually do it…kill him. I am not strong enough to kill the master. Maybe he is just asleep.

Yes, that is it. We do sleep like the dead after all. Except, I don’t sleep. I can’t sleep, not anymore. I have to keep drinking coffee to keep me awake. It does work for immortals, right?

Or am I beating a dead horse? I like that saying, beating a dead horse. I don’t know why anyone would beat a dead horse though.

Oh, the sun. I can see it peeking from behind the clouds. I should close the blinds, the sun hurts now. The master told me that the sun would cause my skin to catch fire and once the fire started it would travel deeper, killing me slow and painful. I think the master told me that. I could be mistaken. Maybe that was just something I heard in a movie. But it’s best to close the blinds just in case.

In the darkness, I remember the masters screams. The will haunt me for the rest of my existence. And my existence will be like this rain, never ending. How many days has it been raining now? Maybe the world is going to flood again. I can’t drown, I have no need for air. My lungs no longer work as they used to.

Oh, have I drink another cup of coffee. What number is that? 6? No, I just had two more I think. I think it’s 7 cups now. I hope the rain stops soon, I am so tired of the wetness of the world. Though, I do love the way the soggy earth squishes between my toes. The earth and I will get to know each other well during my eternity as this monster the master has turned me into. I hate the master for what he has done to me.

I miss the master. I had so much more to learn.

8 cups of coffee? Are you sure? Of course  I am sure. The rain, tap, tap, taps on the window still. Has the sun gone down? Have the clouds covered it’s evil rays again? I want to see the stars, I do hope the rain clears before night fall. The master never let me out to see the stars, he said I would go mad and kill the neighbors. I had to rely on him to bring me the source of nutrition. I don’t even know how to hunt.

9 cups of coffee. I feel  like I am drinking them faster now. I can feel the caffeine running through my veins. Why did the master tell me I couldn’t drink coffee? I haven’t even gotten sick to my stomach. Maybe I don’t need blood to survive.

It’s hard being a vampire. 10 cups of coffee. The clock above the stove says that it is way past noon. Has the sun set yet? What time does it set now? The rain. I like the sound of rain at night. I should go outside and let the rain hit my face. That should clear my mind. I can’t remember the last time I was outside. The master wouldn’t let me go out. I am glad that he is gone.

Why is the door locked? There is no way to unlock it. Has the master locked me in? If I bang on the door, would he come to me, let me out? Would he feed me? I can feel my stomach growl. Is it from all the coffee or do I need blood again? I can hear a click on the other side of the door. Master?


“Lucy, it’s time for your dinner.” The bald man in the white suit says. The name tag on his chest says that his name is Randy.

“Master.” Lucy says, her eyes light up. “You have not abandoned me.” She hugs him, giggling.

“Lucy, I need you to sit at your table and eat your dinner.”

“Where did you get the blood this time?”

“Lucy, you are not a vampire. This is real food. You have to eat it to live.”

“You are not the master.” Lucy says, baking away from Randy, her eyes wide with horror. “Where is master?”

“Your father?” Randy ask, sitting the food on the table. He knew that she would remember again, if for a brief moment. She would remember the gruesome scene she left behind when she killed her father.

“Master.” Lucy whispered, sitting on her bed, pulling her knees to her chin. “I killed the master.” She was now rocking back and forth. “He wouldn’t let me out. I just wanted to go outside, to see the rain. I wanted to feel it on my skin.” She looked at Randy as the tears streamed down his face. “He wouldn’t let me outside. I just wanted to see the rain.” She continued to rock repeating “Master.” Over and over again.

Randy sat down the plate of food on her table and left the room. There was no helping this girl, her father had ruined her.

“Sometimes I think we should just put them out of their misery.” Said a woman behind Randy as he locked Lucy’s door.

“Maybe she will snap out of it one day.” Randy shook his head, knowing that hope was not something you had in this place.

“I wonder what her father did to her.” The woman peeked through the opening of the door, watching as the girl rocked on her bed.

“He kept her locked away. That was all. He never harmed her in any way.”

“At least, not until he turned her.”

“Tell me again why we continue to tell her she is not a vampire?”

“Jane.” Randy said, putting his arm around the woman. “she has to come to terms with a lot of things, once we get past that,” he said, pointing to the rocking girl. “Then we can tell her what she is.”

“But she already knows.”

“This is what happens when you lock someone away, turn them, then refuse to give them blood.” Randy shook his head. “The food has just enough blood to help her remember, to keep her calm and alive. Without the blood she will die, but she went so long without it, she became rabid.”

“I know.” Jane said. “It’s sad that her father did this to her.”

“She will be our greatest weapon once she pulls out of this. She is the only one that can beat Silas.”

“What?” Jane pulled away from Randy. “Silas is her father?”

“Father, master, creator. He stole her from her real family before she was a day old. He has been preparing her for something, but we don’t know what.”

“Silas is alive though.” Jane said, confused. “She thinks she killed him.”

“She thought she killed him. I don’t know why he let her believe she had killed him.”

Randy jerked around when someone tapped his shoulder.

“Lucy, how…” Randy’s words caught in his throat.

“He didn’t let me believe he was dead. He let you bring in a completely sane vampire. Let your guard down. I came with a message.”  Lucy smiled, her fangs extending. “Silas will be king again.” She ripped Randy’s throat out, grabbing Jane by a hand full of hair when she tried to flee. Once Randy was dead, Lucy turned to Jane and smiled. “The blood that you feed me, will not do. Human blood means nothing to me.” She sank her fangs into Jane’s neck and drained the vampire woman.

“What is going on here?” A new voice said, coming down the hall.

“Silas’s revenge.” Lucy said, smiling again as she began working through the compound that held the vampires deemed to be crazy. It was actually a prison for those who had come across Silas. He would bring the vampires out of hiding, out of the shadows. And she would be his second in command. This was only the beginning of the rise of King Silas.


I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing it!! Let me know what you think. 🙂



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