Apologies and Events

Wow…I have been working so much lately. I was going to come home yesterday and write today’s post because I didn’t get a chance before. Seriously, I should have known better than to waste my Friday off. I went in Saturday and worked until midnight. Sunday I worked from 11am to 9 pm. Yesterday was 8:30 am to 6 pm. I have been through the ringer at work. But inventory is finally over and I think my schedule might be a little less hectic. At least until next week, seeing as the other assistant manager is leaving after this week.

So, sorry for not posting the Craft Corner yesterday and I will save it for next Monday. Today though, I was trying to decide if I would do a book review, movie review, or let you in on what is going on at the Awkward life of Heather. I decided since it is a little late I would let you know what is going on here at my blog this month.

There are a few things to look forward to! I want to start sharing my book wishlist. I also have a few book reviews coming, a movie review, and an author interview! Oh yeah, I locked in another indie author for an interview. Woot! I also have one lined up for next month as well. If you know of any indie authors that would be willing to grant me an interview, tell them to contact me! They can send an email to me through my contact page HERE.

I know it doesn’t sound like a lot to look forward to, but I am so terribly excited for things going on with my blog right now. I finally have a bit of a direction for it and it’s no longer all over the place. I cover a lot of things that I love, but it all kind of goes together. It’s all about stories! Weather I am writing, reading, or watching the stories. Of course you will occasionally get a post where I just complain, because I like to complain.


3 thoughts on “Apologies and Events

  1. Rachel says:

    I look forward to any future posts coming up! Also, sorry to hear about your work schedule… it sounds rough. Make sure you get a lot of rest!

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