Prompt Challenge 2-4: Dear Diary

Prompt Challenge

Welcome back to the prompt challenge. This is the last one for this month and I am not going to lie, this is my favorite. The rest have been kind of serious and I felt like this one takes on a different path. Something not so serious but serious at the same time.


As someone who has struggled with weight most of my life, this month’s prompt took up a more personal place in my mind. It was harder to write and to come up with new ideas for 4 stories, but I did it. Hopefully I kept the stories different enough to entertain you.


Dear Diary

April 21, 3015
Dear Diary,

I am back on another diet. I am tired of being made fun of. All these fat people, pointing and laughing at the skinny girl. I swear, I eat so much, probably more than they do. No matter what I do, I just can’t gain weight. I am going to be skinny forever. Whose stupid rule was it that fat was beautiful anyways? Why am I struggling so hard to be like the rest of them? Because I want to fit in.

I have never fit in. At least, I can’t recall ever fitting in. I don’t remember much before high school. Of course, the accident had something to do with me losing my memory. Luckily my parents were awesome in filling me in. I didn’t have any friends then, so it makes sense that I never fit in. I don’t have too many friends now, and my parents have both passed away. That is why I want to gain weight. I want to be like all the popular girls; plump and beautiful. No one is going to love a skinny girl like me. Guys want fluffy girls and girl want friends they can be seen in public with. I am neither of those. I embarrass my brother so much that he disappeared after my parents died.

This world has been a lonely world and I don’t think I can take it anymore.


April 25, 3015
Dear Diary,

It finally happened! I found a guy who is into skinny women. He likes me just the way I am. He said he was tired of all those pudgy girls who can’t keep up with him. Just last night we went to the ball court to play a little one on one. It was odd though, no one else even showed up. Of course, this made me feel a little better because I didn’t have to worry about keeping my body covered so no one could see my hideous abs.

His name is Chris and he is amazing. I am going over to his house today to work out in his gym. He thinks that staying slim and eating foods that are good for you is the way life should be. He thinks that people die at a young age because of the amount of fat they carry on their body. I really wish everyone thought that way, maybe then I would fit in better.

I am also going to meet Chris’s parents tomorrow night. I am so nervous.

Much Love

April 30, 3015
Dear Diary,

I haven’t had time to write lately. I have written in my diary every day since the accident; so that I would never forget anything again, and if I did I could just read what I had written. And now more than ever, I want to remember everything going on, but I have been having so much fun that I come home and crash in bed. I keep forgetting to write. Or, I am on the phone with Chris and I fall asleep listening to him sing. He has a beautiful voice.

I haven’t had any panic attacks since meeting Chris. I don’t stuff my face with food all of the time either. We eat almost every meal together and it’s always super healthy. I think I may love him.

I met his parents and they were not happy. Evidently, Chris just started this lifestyle of his. He got into an argument with his father about how fat was not healthy and how everyone was slowly killing themselves. Then, his sister blamed me for his new obsession in his weight. It’s amazing that they blame me, he was already on this new track in life before I came into the picture.

Because of that, Chris was evicted from the home that he rented from his parents. He is now staying in one of my spare bedrooms. Nothing has happened between us, we just exercise a lot and plan meals. We don’t go out on dates much because of the stares. It’s really hard, I still want to be fat like everyone else, but Chris loves me just the way I am and I don’t want to run him off by gaining weight.

Much Love

May 30, 3015
Dear Diary,

Something has happened with Chris. Suddenly he is so distant. He no longer eats meals with me and he is gone all the time. I noticed the other day that he has gained a few pounds. Up until now things have been so great. I wanted to write everything down, but I didn’t want to have my head stuck in a notebook when I could be spending time with Chris. I love him so much and now, I feel like I am losing him.

He didn’t work out with me this morning, or this evening. And he has returned to the guest room. We slept in the same bed for 2 weeks, and we were happy. I don’t know what is going on. I just wonder if maybe his family has finally gotten to him. I am okay with him gaining weight. I don’t even have to work out and he doesn’t have to. I love him for him, and I keep telling him that. So why is he growing so distant?


June 10, 3015
Dear Diary,

Chris is gone. I woke up this morning and all his stuff was gone. He left a note telling me that he just didn’t love me and he had to go. Then I found out the truth, the reason he had grown so distant. Not only had he fallen in love with another girl, a fat girl, but his relationship with me was just an experiment.

He never loved me. He was creating a show for some cheap reality TV series. It was about skinny people and how they are destroying the world. I was the main feature. I was the skinniest girl in the show and Chris was only eating the same things and exercising with me to see what it was like to live like me. They didn’t even bother to see how hard I had tried to gain weight. They don’t know me and now, I get letters in the mail calling me horrible names.

Skeleton, bag of bones, disgusting, muscle whore. I don’t understand why the world hates me so much when I have done nothing but try to be like everyone else. Had Chris been against eating healthy foods and exercising, I would have followed him. I just thought he liked me for who I was, not because he wanted to exploit me.


June 15, 3015
Dear Diary,

This will be my last entry. I can’t take it anymore. I am alone in this world. Everyone hates me. People are knocking on my door at all hours of the night, calling me names. Some have even thrown food at me. I have been eating to the point of almost throwing up. I stuff myself so full that it hurts to breathe. Yet, I have not gained a single pound. I am still a skeleton of a person and I hate everything about this body.

Should anyone find this diary and read it, tell the world that I hope they are happy now. I am sure the world is going to be a much better place with one less skinny person in it.


June 16, 3015
Dear Diary,

I only thought my last entry would be my last. I have found out something about myself, why I cannot gain weight. Not only has this filled me with joy, but now I can get my revenge. No one can stop me now.

See, I was going to slit my wrist. I was going to bleed out into my tub and hope the world saw the gory mess they caused me to become. Yet, when I sliced open my wrist, no blood dripped through the cuts. I thought I didn’t cut deep enough, so I kept digging and digging until I heard a clink.

Yes, a clink. I pulled my skin back, by now the pain was numb, I felt nothing anymore and it only took a second to pull open my wound and see what was hidden under my flesh.

You see, I am not a bag of bones. Nope, I am a Cyborg. Most of my parts are robotic. Actually, the only thing left in me that is human is my brain, eyes, a leg, and the flesh that covers my metal structure.

I understand everything now. I wasn’t in an accident that caused me to lose my memory. My parents made me. I was able to access one of their encrypted files on my father’s computer, the password was hidden under my skin. My father new I would have trouble in this world and knew I would try to kill myself.

The file told me all about my parents. They couldn’t have children, so they made me. They thought I was beautiful just the way I was and they wanted me to change the world. Sadly, they didn’t know that I would be so fed up with the world and the cruel humans that I would change the world in a drastic way.

I am coming for you all. Starting with Chris.

This is your only warning


If you can’t tell, I am a little obsessed with robots/cyborgs. I just love the idea of it all. Anyways, let me know what you think. I am always open to critiques and thoughts.



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